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Can anyone give me a brief synopsis of what is going down in Libya? I haven't paid attention to the news at all and I'm finding myself a little lost.

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) March 28th, 2011

It’s quite shameful to ask this question, giving that one of my majors is in international affairs, but what the heck is going on? We haven’t been discussing it much because we’ve been following a pre-determined subject schedule, so I’ve not paid attention to the situation.

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You should google “Libya timeline” for the basic facts.

It’s not a timeline or anything, but I thought this was a pretty good perspective on it. I know some people don’t like him, but Fareed Zakaria is generally pretty good.

I’m surprised that you guys haven’t discussed it in class; I’m a poly-sci major and while we of course cover a predetermined set of courses as well, the profs would still comment on Libya.

Obama’s most recent speech also might interest you since you’re versed in international affairs. I found it interesting in terms of the kind of grand strategy that Obama is following.

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@shared3 I’m also in a few poli-sci classes. Our professor has mentioned it a few times and I’ve honestly been so wiped that I don’t pay attention and I’m also doing a lot of opera shows and missing a lot of class! Thank you for the link, it helped!

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A high level summary:

The street revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt emboldened citizens in Libya to rise up against Gaddafi. They were successful to the point of almost ousting him and taking the last city, until Gaddafi was able to get his mercenaries and his air force to turn back the rebellion. Because of the bombing of his own civilians, a UN resolution a week ago authorized a no fly zone. NATO forces, led by the US, knocked out most of the anti aircraft defenses of Libya, and other Libyan army holdings, and the rebels are now approaching Gaddafi’s last strongholds.

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It is being called a civil war rather than a revolution. Apparently Gaddafi has a fair amount of support apart from his army and mercenaries. I am all in favor of the opposition, but situation is much more complicated than one in which everyone is united against the government.

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1) Tunisian revolution succeeded
2) Egyptian revolution succeeded
3) Libyans demand the same
4) Unlike in Egypt, Libyan military doesn’t protect peaceful protesters
5) Part of Libyan military deserts because they disobey the command to kill peaceful protesters
6) Part of Libyan military starts killing peaceful protesters
7) Some peaceful protesters arm themselves and start defending themselves
8) Gaddafi ignores UN Resolution 1973 and continues to commit crimes
9) Arab League and NATO start enforcing UN Resolution 1973

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Evil dictator brings death and destruction on the freedom of speech and right to democracy and peaceful protesting and should be removed. Thats about it! Wants to go down kicking and screaming like Saddam Hussein I should imagine.

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