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Are you ready to go?

Asked by Cruiser (40401points) March 29th, 2011

This sort of question has been asked before but I hope mods allow it as I am asking a more specific part here. We are not going to live forever and not many people get the chance to prepare themselves and their family for death. It is the sudden deaths that get me the most. A friend lost his 41 yr old brother to a sudden heart attack.

When these sudden deaths touch me I can’t help but take stock and review my life and think just how things would be for those I would leave behind more so than the things in life I have done or not done.

If I went today I would leave a pretty big mess behind someone will have to clean up…insurance will take care of the rest. But somehow I feel there would be so much I would want to say to those I left behind that brings to my attention just how little people know of what I think and feel about them.

I am curious to hear what other unfinished business my fellow Jellies might leave behind that you would be very upset about?

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I’m not ready when it comes to things I’d still like to do.

However, if the Rapture is actually real, I’m ready to go right now, because I’m so paranoid about things that will be surrounding my daughters as they get older.

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My paper work is all in order and my emotional life is in order also.

I would not like to wake up dead tomorrow morning but so be it.

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Never kissing a boy…
Never knowing what I could have become when I was older…
Never knowing what true love felt like…
Not saying bye to folks…
Never telling my family how much I appreciated all they have ever done to me…
Never being known as a writer/poet…
Never getting to see the american countryside and my relatives there…
Never getting to taste my cousin’s homemade pancakes ( she dwells in California)
All these are things I plan to do or are already in the process of coming true.

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I can’t began to list the things I need to do before I go and that’s a sad thing to say, considering I could be gone in the blink of an eye. Not only am I concerned about situations I need to straighten out at home, I should also prepare for what if I have to leave my Mom.

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Dying should be very interesting if you’re not in much pain. All I can think of is paperwork. Everyone knows how I feel about them. I can’t wait to see if there REALLY is a white light and tunnel. And my parents !! (:
No; there are weddings coming up I wouldn’t want to miss. And 2012, December, will be quite a trip in the news.

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Any second.

Because it could happen then.
Why worry.
You’ll be elsewhere. (perhaps)
What you leave will go on.
And adjust.

But don’t bring it on just yet.

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I am, for the most part. There is one person that I would want to talk to one more time and tell them how I feel…

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Every item on my bucket list has done been checked off long ago. I’d leave behind a five year old daughter. Other than that, I doubt the world would notice my absence. Of course, now that the WABA has been formed, maybe I do have something to look forward to…...

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My messes would pretty much take care of themselves and I’ve lived a very full life, but no, I’m not ready to go. I still enjoy life way too much. A nice sunset, the sight of a deer eating out of my bird feeder, a good meal, a warm cookie just out of the oven, a puppy playing, a childs laughter.

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I’m not ready and I’m not prepared. oops.

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I don’t really have a ‘bucket list’, but I always said, and this might sound a little crazy, if I were to die/get killed and had a few minutes to spare living the only thing I would do is call my family and tell them how much I love them. I would ask to speak personally to my little brother so I can tell him how awesome he is and how much he means to me, I really, really love him.

So I guess I’m not really ready at a… but when I die that’s going to be the number one thing on my mind.

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I don’t really think about it like that, since I don’t think I’ll ever really ’‘settle’’ things, finish everything or have nothing to leave behind. If I were to live for 200 years it would still be like that. I can’t manage my life like I might work on tax returns. Death will come, and whether I’m ready or not, I won’t have a choice but to go. I don’t really have anyone in my life either, so I’m not worried about that. I just hope someone doesn’t end up with debts I might have. :/

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A few things that I need to take care of beforehand.

I truly can’t see myself living past 60.

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I suppose so. But I don’t feel like it, yet.

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I am good to go. ;)

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There have been a couple of times when it looked like I might be going.
So I got ready.
Then, I dodged the bullets.
But I figure ready is ready, right? Might as well keep readiness current.

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I’m not ready, guess I’ll just have to make sure I keep it together til the paperwork’s in order.

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No matter how much you prepare for it, the significant other has their hands full. When my dad died, my mom was a mess raising us two kids despite being taken well care of financially. She went soon thereafter from the added stress.
I know it would be ugly for my wife and son if I were to kick tomorrow. I don’t even like to think about it


No, not at all. I’ve got a lot of livin’ to do! ;)

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Dunno. I gave this idea some thoughts but I’m not sure what I’ll do or say.

Until I’ll be in this situation I can’t say that I’ll do / act / say this or that.

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It’s interesting that I should come across this question today, of all days. I was thinking about my own mortality yesterday, when we visited the grave of my father-in-law.

Although I have many things on my bucket list (and I will have the freedom to get to them in a couple years when I retire), I feel I would be mostly prepared, although not ready, to die. Three things would make it a bummer if I were to die tomorrow (or today!)... I need to increase my life insurance, so at least the house will be paid of and my funeral expenses are covered; I have an 11-year-old daughter, whom I would like to see grow up; and my older daughter just made plans to wed in September, 2012.

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