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What are your favorite rebuffs when someone uses a lame pick up line on you?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43356points) March 29th, 2011

Inspired by this question

If a guy is real persistent I have been known to grab another, more harmless looking guy, and tell him to pretend he’s my boyfriend. I’ve never been turned down yet! Met some nice guys that way, too. : )

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Wow, is that all ya got? I’ll pass.

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You know it @WillWorkForChocolate!! I mean, geez. You’d say something like, “I’m not wearing any underwear” to chase them off. I would NEVER say that! : )

Actually, when I posted this question I realized that I didn’t HAVE any “lines!” I was the smile-politely-and-turn-away kind of person. Or lie a little. “I’m flattered but I’m married.” I’m expecting people like you to pick it up for me!!

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I’m waiting for Lucy’s answer.

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I just taser them.Why waste time with small talk? ;)

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See I knew it would be good! ;-)

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@wilma Go get her! There she is! Pepper spray works to…

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add a o to to up ther.

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A kinder ,more gentler way would be top launch a pie in their face.
Feel free to use these helpful hints I offer.
I am here to help!:)

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Do they have pie at bars?

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BYOP….I’m rolling that around on my tongue…it sounds like a medical procedure….

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Halitosis can be a terrible burden, can it not?

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LOL! Good one! But…too many guys with turrible pick-up lines would have no idea what “halitosis” is. They’d probably say, “Yeah. 10 inches IS a turrible burden! Wanna see?!”

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