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How long after you start dating do you add them to your social network places accounts?

Asked by 12Oaks (4051points) March 29th, 2011

I been out of the dating world for, like 20 or so years. Long before Twitter and FaceBook and, let’s face it, phrases like dot com, all one word, blog, and putting e before the regular word (eMail, eMarket) were commonplace. But if someone was to get back into the dating pool, at what point do you accept a friends request or follow?

Personally, I have this rule that says if I see you in the real world I will ignore your friends request on FaceBook, as that would seem pointless. But if you want a new relationship to continue and build, you may want to make this person the rule to prove the exception to this rule though she may wonder why you have no real life friends on faceBook. But that’s a different question.

The beef is, when is it customary in this day to allow somebody you are dating into your eWorld (One of those eTerms that made no sense 20 years ago).

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Whenever you are comfortable with it. If you don’t want to use Facebook for real life friends/family, then don’t. If he/she asks why you haven’t added/accepted them, just be honest with them.

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With all this instant communication available at our finger tips, it’s so easy just to add, & keep on adding friend requests. It’s up to you how you define ‘friends’ & how instantly connected you want to be 24 hours of the day. Personally, I prefer the old school way of doing things. Nice & slowly, face to face if I want to develop a real long lasting relationship. Granted if distance is a problem, then all the modern connections is probably vital to keep in touch with your friends.

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I’ve been with my SO for almost 9 years. I have yet to add him on Facebook or any other sites. I follow his Twitter and he follows mine, but that’s about it.

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Never. If we’re friends in the real world, I’m not friends with you on Facebook. I don’t add people on Twitter until I’m friends with them for awhile, and I think for dating I wouldn’t – it just complicates things too much.

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As early as possible! I want to know if he’s a republican or likes metal music or nascar before going out with him!

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@sliceswiththings So do you want him to be those things, or not to be? Just curious to see if we’re compatible, despite we’re not because of the age thing, but if I were, like, 24 and…. anyway…...

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Haha @12Oaks nope, those are bad things. Would we work out?

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@sliceswiththings Not romantically, but that hardly means we can’t be Fluther friends. I actually have a same rule about smoking and tattoos. If I find during the course of a date you partake in either, I’d finish the date as planned doing my best to show you a good time, but when that evening comes to an end, so would our dating relationship.

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so if I guy wants to “follow me” on Twitter, but my account is inactive, and he opened the account DAYS before requesting to follow, does this mean he is interested in me, or do people want to follow…..??WHY does someone want to “follow me”
on Twitter I guess is the question. Why not use the phone??

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