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What would you say is your biggest flaw?

Asked by Joker94 (8180points) March 29th, 2011

I would have to say mine is my crummy memory. I can only seem to retain useless information, and can never seem to remember important things very well.

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I should probbaly be more attentive of people around me, instead of being so indifferent to what people go through. I’m pretty self centered, and I pretty much just care about myself. I can’t even be bothered to keep that to myself lol, so it’s a big flaw, I think.

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Just one?! HA

• Poor memory
• Not good at saying ‘No’
• Long fuse but bad temper
• Occasionally insecure
• Eat too many cookies

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I’m a bit of a perfectionist.

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Let’s see….. I talk too much, when I am with someone I always want too much sex, and I overreact when I am getting my monthly friend. I am sure there are more just not thinking of them now, no one is perfect so we are all filled with flaws.

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I can be quite gullible at times.

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Procrastination. I spend way more time thinking about doing a chore and putting it off than it takes to do it

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Agree with @cprevite…just one?

Can have quite the temper.
Can be a bit bombastic and opinionated.
Don’t suffer fools gladly.
A bit messy.
Can be a perfectionist in relation to my own work, not others.

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Flaw? Me?

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Being shy and often times soft-spoken..I hate it!! my life would be so much better without these traits

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My biggest flaws are my overwhelming humility and shyness, cause they prevent me from showing off my super-awesome chest-hairs.

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Lack of confidence.

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Procrastionation is my key flaw (one example is right now)
I also can get pretty defiant, only in circumstances where I feel I am not justified or something doesn’t make sense.

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Gee…overanalyzing everything. What exactly did you mean by your question, anyway? Are you trying to imply I have issues?

Lol, just kidding.

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I spend too much time sleeping….5 hours or any more every night IMO is such a waste of time!

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A lot of folks tell me that my enormous penis is intimidating.

between you and me . . . i can live with it

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Impatience, hypocrisy, and being judgmental.

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Procrastination in some areas, not all.

I can talk too much at times, I get overly enthusiastic. lol


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I think my biggest flaw is that I can’t keep friends for more than 6 months.

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I talk waaay too much! Waffle factory as my wife likes to call me…....boy does she like to call me. Like every fuckin day…....never lets up….on & on & on….....told you!

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I take stuff too literally. Not on purpose, just the way I am (as a nice lady here on Fluther pointed out).

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My lack of self confidence. It gets in the way of everything.

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@Blondesjon Ewww, not between you and me I hope!

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@Blondesjon , @filmfann no but I bet between him and @jonsblond….. : D

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I have quite a few, but my biggest flaw is I’m very hesitant. When I want to do somthing I’ll have to think twice about doing it.

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Procrastination, as some others mentioned, I uhhh… I’ll finish this post later…

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I’m an extreme perfectionist, I’m somewhat of a procrastinator, and I have a really short fuse (actually I have a short everything. I’m such a short person) and bad temper.

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Talking too much when feeling passionate about something.

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Yeah but I love people who get excited and animated about things that matter to them… so to me, not such a flaw @mattbrowne.

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Oh, and sometimes I talk really really fast.

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