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What is this PCI card?

Asked by XOIIO (18283points) March 29th, 2011

What is this multi function card? It has no identification marks on it aside from a serial that brings up nothing.

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It looks like a primitive GPU by the port on the front that is somewhat obscured.

A search for Mwave 499 reveals it is a “multi-function bord” ie a hybrid of a sound card and a GPU it looks like.

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That is what old sound cards looked like. Google Soundblaster. Audio wasn’t included on the motherboard unless you had a Mac or a Amiga.

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Looks like IBM MWAVE Dolphin card. See Wikipedia entry for IBM MWAVE.

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Would this still be usefull to someone/how much would I sell it for?

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OMG, an M-WAVE card!

I had one of those installed in a PC once. Those things are nuts!

It’s a telephony audio card. Designed to add all sorts of telephone audio features, like answering machine (voicemail) stuff via your PC, as well as I think being a sound card, modem, perhaps other things. My boss/friend thought it was really cool, and I got to be guinea pig to try it out and figure out how it could be used. It was kinda amusing, but was also kinda ape, as I recall, doing weird funky stuff. Fairly amusing, though. It would answer the phone, and do things you wouldn’t generally expect a sound card or a modem to do with the same device. I remember there were certain reliability issues with the software, and that it was a lot of fun to make fun of. You got to say M-WAVE a lot!

As for how much it would be worth… I don’t know – try to find a sale of it on eBay or Amazon or some such place. It’s a collector’s relic or wacky hacker’s toy, but I doubt anyone’s got a great demand for them. I could be wrong… even I have a certain sentimental fondness towards them, but they were wacky.

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@Zaku Damn, neato

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as @math_nerd said it is an old school audio card. Possibly gpu unit also.
It may be worth something in 40 years but at the moment the worlds landfills cant get enough of them.

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