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In the End of "Return of The Jedi" why didn't "Princess Leia" see the same force impressions of Yoda, Obi-wan, and Anakin, as Luke did?

Asked by talljasperman (21869points) March 29th, 2011

Seeing that she was Luke’s twin brother and was strong with the force as Luke

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It’s a guy thing…

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Maybe they only wanted to appear to Luke?

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Cos its a movie and the producer made the rules

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I saw RotJ once, and that was about 28 years ago.

Are you saying that Leia and Luke saw different force impressions, or that Leia didn’t see any at all?

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As I recall, Luke was more totally attuned to the Force whereas Leia was merely Force-sensitive at the time. Leia wasn’t even partially trained at that point; that didn’t start until after ROTJ.

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I don’t think that Lucasfilm ever got around to deciding on the mechanics of Force apparitions, passing up a perfectly good opportunity to do so in the sequels prequels. The EU might have, but I have a sort of Zahn-as-canon rule, so I can’t tell you for certain. I’m going to second @jerv‘s idea.
If you ask me, the whole business went off the rails with the advent of the Solo kids.

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Because she had designs on humping Hans brains out, in other words, she had “bigger fish to fry.”

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What @jerv said – it took Luke a LOT of training to go from hearing Obi-Wan’s voice to seeing and talking with him.

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It required a learning discipline. That is what Yoda talks to Obi Wan about at the end of 3.

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Luke has a much higher midi-chlorian count than Leia. That and the training Luke had received from Yoda contributed to his ability to see the impressions.

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Because the Ewoks decided to just give shrooms to Luke?

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@MyNewtBoobs – I have no source, since the actual midichlorian counts have never been mentioned in canon. But that’s what my Star Wars nerdery says. ;)

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Because it’s a movie and movies don’t ever make complete sense.

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So I asked Mr. Fiance about this, since he’s the super Star Wars nerd. Luke and Leia, being twins, do have the same midichlorian count. But Luke, having been trained, is able to see the visions of Yoda, Anakin and Obi-Wan. His actual words: “You can have all the midichlorians you want, but if you’re not trained, you won’t see anything.”

Something to consider is the fact that it’s impressive for Yoda and Obi-Wan to have been able to appear that way in the first place. It’s not something every Jedi can do. At one point in Episode II, when Anakin goes to kill the Sand People, you hear Qui-Gon say “Anakin, no!” Anakin doesn’t hear this, since he’s angry at the time (and anger/fear/hate is a path to the Dark Side), but Yoda does.

In Episode III, at the end, when Obi-Wan is going to Tatooine to watch over Luke, Yoda says that he has training for him while he’s out there. That’s the projection thing he’ll be working on – Qui-Gon apparently was at least able to project his voice, if not his image.

So: Yoda learned it from Qui-Gon, and taught it to Obi-Wan. As for why Anakin is there, we can either assume it’s because he’s the most powerful Jedi ever, or we can just accept that Lucas stuck him in too in order to play on the fact that he repented before he died.


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