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Where to find high quality temporary tattoo paper?

Asked by longtresses (1334points) March 29th, 2011

With temporary tattoo papers, you print the design on the decal paper and use the adhesive paper to create the glue layer. Then you apply the decal on your skin, wet the paper, and peel off.

With this kind of “tattoo,” there’s actually a shiny plastic layer that coats the design. It doesn’t wear well. It crinkles with your skin. When you remove it, you basically peel off that plastic layer. Overall it’s more of a water-slide decal than ink-over-skin.

Is there an authentic temporary tattoo paper out there? The kind that leaves only the ink design on your skin and lasts for a few days? Where can I find it, and what is it called? Thank you for any lead.

Yes I have tried henna; it’s all brown, plus takes 2 hours to dry. I’d like to print my own tattoos.

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temporary tattoos are a mixture of ink and glue. the manufactured ones that wear well use a special printer that prints the glue onto the paper over or with the ink. you would have to have a special printer as well as the glue cartridge. you can, however, send images into the folks that make these. and they will print them for you

try here
or here

good luck!

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