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Is there such a thing as tagging too many "great answer"s or "great questions"s?

Asked by reba (114points) March 30th, 2011

Sometimes, especially in the social forums, the answers make me laugh so hard that I have at least once spit out the water I was drinking. In fact I joined Fluther to “great answer” someone who was explaining how she cries when she receives poor customer service. I just want to know the etiquette. I genuinely appreciate the answers / questions I tag.

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Tag away – we’re all lurve whores here.

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I tag, I flag, I laugh, I cry, I PM, I send notes to the mods…so far, no one’s complained. Hopefully that won’t happen anytime soon!
Oh, and GQ just for the lurve of it!

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Go ahead. It’s very much appreciated. The Fluther community is awesome, and I tag away too.
BTW do you have the link to that question you mentioned about customer service?

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I tag all the time and for different reasons. I try to just tag for truly great answers but then the ones that make me laugh out loud end up tagged before I even think about it. I tag answers to questions where no one has been given any lurve and I’ll tag new user’s questions and answers to encourage them.

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There’s a limit on how many Lurve points you can give any one user anyway, so there is no worry about becoming a point fairy. It’s impossible here. Give a GA or GQ to any one you think is great.

BTW, Great question. :-)

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@Aesthetic Mess I had googled “why can’t I cry?” and this Fluther stream came up. Check out Judi. Her responses made me laugh. It had the opposite effect. But it led me to Fluther. So I’m appreciative.

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Lurve is yours to give as you see fit. Nothing wrong with being generous.

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I lurve the Nefster! Just sayin’.

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I lurve Jill back, just sayin’. ;)

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Welcome, @reba! Lurve is free, and it’s yours to give as you like. Enjoy!

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I lurve this question!

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We’re just one great bunch of lurver’s.
Welcome to Fluther.

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