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If you've come to Fluther and decided to stick around, could you please add some info to your profile?

Asked by janbb (58082points) March 30th, 2011

So many times, I begin to notice a newish Jelly and start to want to know a bit about them. A lot of people have filled out nothing on their profile. C’mon folks – we’re not the CIA! You don’t have to give out state secrets, but it would be nice to know a bit about you – what country you’re from or your profession, for example. Obviously, nobody can force you but if you’ve just been lazy, please share some dirt and update your profile.

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um, is mine ok @janbb ?

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Yes @queenie – you get an A+!

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yay! : D
Thanks @janbb !

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Thanks @janbb…I agree. Per your request, mine is updated.

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I sometimes struggle with just how much information I want “out there”. With aggregates gathering little bits here and there it is eye opening to understand just how much virtual strangers can learn about you especially the more technically savvy of us.

That being said, I’ve filled mine out :-)

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I’m guilty of this. Very guilty. I just don’t know what to write!

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I’ll add some, today.

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The info I’ve provided already probably tells you everything you need to know to know about me.

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I’ve had quite a full profile since I started here. For some reason I share more about myself in Fluther than I do elsewhere online.

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What else do you want to know?

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My info is so awesome. It contains my religious/political/philosophical views and lists my hobbies and places where I’ve traveled to. All in one quote. It is what you make of it.

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Mine (filled out when i joined almost 4 years ago) is one simple sentence but sums me up pretty well (or at least one aspect of me!).

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Thanks all. I’m not looking to be the Profile Police or judge anyone’s content, I just get disappointed when I want to learn a little more about someone and there is nothing there.

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Mine says “If you’d like to know something else, just ask.”

So far, nobody has asked anything :(

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I’m not sure if you would call my profile “informative”, except for the warning that I’m a very cranky person.

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@WillWorkForChocolate : Cranky? Cranky? Geez, girlie, you’re downright scary sometimes! <ducks and covers> I’m glad we’re friends…

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Hehe, hey, at least I posted a warning on my profile!

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I just added more information just because of this.

Thanks for the motivation!

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I don’t enjoy doing that sort of thing. But feel free to PM me if you have questions about me.

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I’d really rather not. If you want to know about me, you can shoot me a PM or participate in conversations, but I’d rather not make it easier for just anyone to find out about me.

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I probably have more info in my mini-bio than anyone else on Fluther, but I guess there’s no real way of telling.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard : I don’t know about that, talljasperman has 607 topics!

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Sweet Jesus. That’s intense!

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Imagine all the questions he must get….

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All of them!

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Well I’m from western Canada ,a truck driver,have no children been married to the love of my life for 25years and have one crazy cat,that is all I am going to say.

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