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Can you recommend a great bike trainer?

Asked by spendy (1446points) April 18th, 2008

I know it’s spring and I should be riding outside, but I can’t always make that happen – I’m a Spinning instructor and need to keep up with my daily ride(s), but buying a Spinner isn’t in my budget yet. Can anyone recommend a good bike trainer with a wide variety of settings that would be suitable for long rides (up-hill climbs, “jumps”, etc.)? Something that won’t crap out after 1000 miles. I could easily walk into a bike shop but prefer to ask for a recommendation first from someone with no vested interest.

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I would start with something like this.
The Bingo 12 is the shizznit!

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I have a blackburn magnetic trainer. I’ve used it for about 4 years now and probably put about 1000 on it so far (no idea what the number is, my computer is on the front tire, so you might want to move it to the rear if you get one and need/want to pay attention to cadence/speed).

It has 3 settings and you can vary where the trainer meets the tire, so you can adjust the friction/tension. You could get rollers as it is more realistic/lifelike, but I’ve heard that requires too much concentration to stay up if you will (I like to watch TV while on the trainer and don’t want to fall off and run into the TV). I have not heard of a trainer that will do simulations, but then again, I’m not looking so I wouldn’t know.

I would recommend getting a cheap one to start (<$200), I can’t stand to be on mine more than 30–40 minutes and I typically ride for 2–3 hours outside. Something about being in the house just doesn’t work the same for me. Hate to have you buy something and then not like it, riding in the house is just “different” and I only do it to keep up my fitness.

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Though I prefer the outdoors, I’m actually fairly accustomed to riding indoors (due to the classes I teach), so I don’t think it will bother me. I’m just worried about finding something that will allow me to fine-tune my ride – tension, cadence, etc. Probably need something that will allow plenty of standing, climbing, etc. since that’s what I do most.

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@judo, you crack me up. :)

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