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What would you change about your life if money was no longer an issue?

Asked by nikipedia (27497points) March 30th, 2011

I recently came across someone in this position, who works because his likes his job, not because he needs the money. He drives an old car and doesn’t own tons of gadgets or toys, and generally doesn’t live differently from anyone else I know.

This made me think about my own life, and what I would change if I had enough money to do so. And I concluded: not much. I like what I do for a living, and I have all the stuff I really want. I might own slightly nicer versions of the same stuff, but I don’t think there are many more things I would like to acquire.

It was a fun thought exercise, and I’m interested in hearing other perspectives. Suppose you’re not wildly wealthy, but you have enough money put away that you don’t really need to work. What would change, if anything?

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Pretty much everything would change. My living situation (out of my parents house), my car problems (I’m paying out 700$ today for it, actually), my job (the job isn’t bad but it isn’t good), and I could satiate my nomadic desires to see if the grass is actually greener over yonder.

Other than that, not much would change. I’d probably find an apartment and go back to school, where I would get an education and hopefully a job in a field that I enjoy. That’s all I want anyway.

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Move to a different house, hire a housekeeper, travel. Almost everything else I can thin of would be for other people and/or would not change my lifestyle.

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I’d fix up the house or have Alex be able to build a house for us. I’d make sure I have a lot in my savings (hidden under a mattress) for sudden long term care emergencies and that my kids have enough for their schooling. Other than that, nothing much would change. I’d get more books and support more organizations.

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The biggest thing that would change is that my husband would (I should hope!) stop worrying about money. That’s his biggest stress – that we won’t be able to pay the bills. Financially, we’re in very good shape, but he worries about it constantly. It would be nice to see him relax.

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I would travel a lot more.

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I would travel so much more!

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My boyfriend and I would be travelling the world.

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I would probably move to the Outer Banks or Manteo, North Carolina

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I’d buy that castle I always promised myself, in Scotland……. ;-)

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Everything would change, and I’d be happier.

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I would start going to school full time (as opposed to the couple of classes I am able to take every semester).

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My husband would take a stress free position at the museum it’s something we both talk about doing when “someday” or retirement arrives. I would have a housekeeper. I’d take a fun just for me art class. I’d continue homeschooling my son, but would be able to afford more lessons and tutors for him.

As a family, it would mean a lot less stress and worry and a ton more traveling and enjoying.

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I’d be helping a lot more people… my folks, a few friends who are having tough times, my brother.

My wife would probably only work two days a week. (she currently works three 13ish hour days, so not as laid back as it sounds)

I’d work on amazing projects exclusively instead of mixing them in with the stuff that keeps the money coming in.

I’d own a house instead of renting.

I’d exercise every day.

I think that’s about it, is that a lot of change?

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I would travel more and work in a job that I loved instead of needed. I would sleep in… everyday : )

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A lot. More than likely, I’d move my family out of the USA.

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We would definitely get a bigger house and I would try to finally talk my hubby into another baby (assuming this financial windfall happened in the next few years). I would trade my 10 yr old Suburban for a brand new one with a video package (excellent for entertaining the kids on long road trips), I would adopt a few more homeless animals, give some to my favorite charities and put the rest in an interest bearing savings account for my daughters’ sweet 16 cars, colleges and weddings, and for all other neccessities.

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I would own a condo building on the beach and put up all my immediate family in their own apartments, and own a business that would keep all of them employed, permanently.

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I would get my wife to some doctors who cared.

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I’d also travel more. I’d love to own a house somewhere warm in the winter, maybe Italy, southern France?

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I would see the doctor more often, get a few thousand dollars worth of dental work done, and buy more stuff for my wife. Gawd knows she has spoiled me rotten, but I can’t afford to get her that Vita-mix she’s wanted for so long :( And I wouldn’t complain so much about the fact that I earn about half of what the average CNC Machinist makes either, but I would still work where I work. I love my car too much to replace her, but I would have her fixed up; no more leaking sunroof, properly-sized tires, etcetera.

But I wouldn’t change too much. I’ve seen some people turn into assholes when they make it, and I am enough of an asshole already that no amount of money would make me able to afford being a bigger asshole than I already am :D

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