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Why was the Nickelodeon shows from the 90's question moderator-ed away?

Asked by ezraglenn (3497points) April 18th, 2008

it seemed innocent enough…

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Maybe mods are cracking down- both Qs and As. I had a recent Q deleted (flagged several times) because some people though I was promoting something. I wasn’t – just dealing w. some new data about plastic that leaches into food. Andrew suggested that I reword it, which I will do tomorrow. It had been a subject of great interest over the past few years. One tag was Bisphenol A. Maybe some folks thought it was a steroid.

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I think the MODS get bored and delete things to raise awareness in their community. Much like this.

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Yah, they seem to be crackin’ down a bit more of late. Likely due to the more stringent guidelines.

But then that particular question, well I dunno. Unless they’re gonna stop allowing all of the “What is your favorite _______________?”-type questions.

If you’re really, really interested to know, then try contacting them, or hit the Man o’ War chatroom.

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They sent me a message saying that it was a polling question so it was deleted.

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Are readers still interested in poll questions? I find that they leave me in a coma, if I open one by mistake. Who cares what someone had for lunch?

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Yeah, the answers are more often than not uninteresting…

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In that particular instance, I think it was interesting, but I see the point about how they are typically time and space wasting pleads for attention. Oh, I guess no one said that…

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