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How do you feel about movie stars and pro sports players and rock stars getting paid so much?

Asked by judochop (16084points) April 18th, 2008

I feel that this is just a fine example of greed. They are over paid, right? Am I just acting out because I am in Beverly Hills right now and I see all this money just being thrown around like it is water…Then I look and see a homeless man sleeping in the parking lot…

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I think it is ridiculos, but sports are just big, and for teams to get the skill to make there team good, they pay a lot, but it is sad how they get paid lot, and teachers get paid like nothing and they play a much bigger part in soceity.

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Since I’m a ProRockMovieSportsStar, I’m fine with it!

P.S. I need more money, because I work SOOOO hard!

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Well…more money does mean more talent. I mean, as much as people diss certain actor’s skills, they are all, IMHO, at least decent.

I think it is more of a sign of our society’s fixation with entertainment, etc.

I am currently a student, and would love to have better qualified teachers, but right now, it just isn’t happening, especially in America.

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I don’t hate the rich…
I don’t pity the poor…

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I don’t mind it. They found an industry that is extremely popular where millions of people spend endless amounts of money to watch them.. It’s no different than a businessman selling a product; they’re just selling their talent.

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@ boffin and Fallstand good points.

What bothers me is the disproportionate nature of the payscale/product and that of, in my opinion, more important job/product relationships.

You saw it coming I hope, like teachers!!!!

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I dont have a problem with what they make. I just think other jobs should pay much more than they do. I think our police, firefighters, teachers and soldiers should make amazingly big salaries. After all, each of these professions put each of them out on the forefront doing jobs for all of us that we would not want to do ourselves. They are the real heroes Kids should look up to and they should be paid accordingly.

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@mzgator – cheers!

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@mzgator / Bri L – But would you pay amazingly high taxes to support the amazingly big salaries that you think these occupations should get? I’m not disagreeing that they don’t deserve it but to put it honestly they just chose the wrong occupation.

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Yeah, people don’t become teachers for the pay, at least not nowadays. The thing is, that millions of people watch a particular movie or sports game, and their little payments add up. A teacher only teaches a couple of kids, and even if the teacher received 10,000 each for let’s say, 30 kids, it’s peanuts compared to what millions of people paying, let’s say 10 bucks. economics of scale, i believe this is called.

P.S. Don’t get me wrong; I think education is extremely important (in fact, i am a student right now), but the truth is that many teachers today are the bottom of the barrel, no offense to any teachers hear on fluther. The job simply doesn’t attract the best and the brightest.

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@ fallstand – Given the government waste documented by any new source at any given time (ie. 42 million to tell us we don’t have to do anything for our stimulation package) I find it hard to believe that “unbelievably high taxes” are the only way. No one who goes into teaching does so expecting to get paid tons any way so I am not sure what your point is when you say “they just chose the wrong occupation”.

@ shared VERY GOOD POINT on the money! They do drive industries that not only make money but employ tons of people as well.

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I agree with Fallstand every time you download a song or turn on a sports event you contribute a few cents to their salary. And with millions of people doing this everyday that really adds up.

Some of those musicians and sports figures add to my life in a positive way now and then. One of our players buys 600 tickets on Sundays and gives them to the military. He and several others do a lot to improve the community as well.

Some of those raking in the big bucks can be quite obnoxious and it seems like it’s all about the money.
I heard a story about man was 25 cents short for a cup of coffee at the airport and the clerk wouldn’t give him a break. Another time the clerk gave a free cup of coffee to a Rock Star because of who he was.

I like to root for the teams with lower budgets. Especially since my favorite teams are in that category.

You really want to be upset with overpaid people check these guys out.

most highly paid 2006

363M is average pay

2.69 billion 2007 betting on the housing mortgage crisis.

I’m OK with people making whatever they can. What really impresses me is when they or anyone does something to improve the lives of others. And many teachers and fire fighters do this everyday.

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Itt sickens me that they make so much money and our teachers are lucky to get 50k! But alas, I feed the machine.

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It’s really ridicoulus. Especially with the economic crisis. Some people can’t even afford food anymore but they still earn 40million for a transfer or whatever. That’s not right.

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