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How can I be sexy around a guy?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5952points) March 30th, 2011

I have a HUGE crush on this guy at my school. But I always act like a dork in front of him. Like, I start talking about soup labels and how to work iTunes and stuff like that. Now, this guy is really hot. He knows Ive had a crush on him for a while; its been 3 or 4 years. So, any advice on how to not be a dork around him?

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Dress well, be confident and dont show too much interest. Sometimes its best to kind of leave things alone and they will chase after you. Have your hair smelling good and neat, guys love goodlooking hair and give him a sexy eye look once and awhile.

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Talk less and listen more, ask questions that lets him know you are interested in who he is as a person and getting to know him better. Be confident and always leave him wanting to know more about you. Talk about things he is interested in and maybe you won’t wind up talking about soup labels. Be yourself though, being genuine is always appealing.

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You are 13. You have loads of time to be sexy.

How about just being yourself? Either he likes you for who you really are or he doesn’t.

You will learn in time, that it’s not worth being with someone unless they truly dig you for who you are.

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@astrix24 any advice on how to not be a dork I wanted to add that it’s okay to be a dork, too. It’s normal. We all have dork moments. If someone doesn’t like you when you’re a dork, they probably aren’t worth you time or friendship.

If you really want this guy or any to notice you, be confident in who you are. Know yourself.

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LOL! Oh, I hear you and have been in your shoes. The thing is, you are asking about two different things: a.) How to not have your brain shut down and words just flow out, and b.) How to turn on your feminine charm.

The best way is to just get to know him a bit at a time. Once you find some common interests, the tongue-tying and need to put on an act goes away.

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I agree with @SpatzieLover – 13-year-olds shouldn’t be worrying about being sexy. And there’s nothing wrong with being a dork, either – you just have to find an equally dorky guy.

Confidence is undoubtedly a person’s more attractive feature. Be comfortable with yourself before you worry about others.

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You can get self control over yourself by spending time with the guy. An important thing to realize is that being hot and being a nice guy can be two very different things. You can end up in a lot of trouble if you lose sight of that fact.

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Slow yourself down. Don’t let yourself get flustered to the point of walking too fast, too many arm movements or talking too fast. Girls sometimes see clownish guys as sexy but for some reason, guys aren’t much into romantic thoughts about clownish girls. Also, as much as girls like the looks of each other with black eyeliner smudged all the way around the eyes and inside lids, most guys say they don’t. Less more, in just about every way.

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Scarcity always stimulates interest. If you have been friendly with him, he likely knows you like him, unless he’s oblivious of others.
So, once you remove the attention, he will be more curious and start questioning why, whether he likes you are not, women do it all the time to guys.
In this time you shut down your nerdy girl persona to the women that he is more aligned with, if it is that important to you.

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Its easy advice to give but hard to do.
Relax around him. Let him do the talking.
Its better to stay silent then to blurt out whatever is sitting at the tip of your tounge!
Try to ask intelligent questions to get a conversation going or if you cant think of anything, you can always start a conversation with “Did you hear about….” something that is newsworthy or gossipworthy that matters to him.
If you get a coversation going nicely you can mention that you need help with (whatever subject he is good at) and you can ask him if he has time to give you a few private lessons.

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I’m not too sure about your age (if you’re 10, if you’re 20)
But my advice if you’re 20 years old is to SMIZE. Which is Smile with your eyes. I learned it from Tyra Banks (Don’t judge me! Top model always has marathons and I’m hooked). When I’m out with my girls and trying to look sexy 1. I always wear heels. 2. Sit straight, cross legs 3. I never touch my hair, touching your hair makes you look like you have no confidence/bad self-esteem. 4. I don’t get trashed (stay classy) and 5. I smize. (if you don’t know how to smize TA-DAA! <—- look at the picture not the steps, the steps are stupid)

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