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What to do in these random cities in North Carolina?

Asked by sliceswiththings (11661points) March 30th, 2011

Raleigh/Chapel Hill, Wilmington, and Asheville, North Carolina. What are your favorite things to do there? Is the public transportation in these cities good for getting around? Any must-see places in NC?

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The Biltmore in Asheville. I’ve never been, but hear it is worth the ticket price to go through it.

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I live in North Carolina. Asheville is one of my favorite places to go. It has everything. Outdoor life, great places to eat and is a wonderful place for artists. Just a ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway is enough to evoke some of the most pleasurable memories in my mind.
outdoor life I have done many of these hikes and tours. I’ve gone with friends, family and with Girl Scouts.—Nothing like a Llama Hike through the mountains yelling, “Llama Potty break, when they have to go.” —And by the way, they have to go, often.

The Biltmore House is so beautiful, and very interesting. Self-Guided tours are wonderful, as well as their new tours. You can do “mini camps” (for lack of a better term) now, and we’re ready to go, after my recovery. The wines are good, and I’m always up for a great wine tasting. I’ve stayed at the Inn and had wonderful food. Go during the Spring or Fall and it’s like a live painting.

Wilmington has many different places to visit, but I’ll be honest. I’ve stayed at the beach, gone to Cape Fear, visited some galleries. It is beautiful, but I’ve spent much more time in Asheville.

In Chapel Hill, I’ve been to the NC Botanical Gardens, UNC Chapel Hill (beautiful campus), wonderful bars (little ones) great shopping and great transportation.

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Thanks for all the answers! Also, where in Asheville do you see street musicians? I’m hoping to work while I’m there.

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Museums in all those cities. If craft beer / micro brew is your thing all three of those area have world class breweries and pubs.

Must see Jockey Ridge and the Wright Brother museum and park.

You could spend a month going to all the museums in North Carolina.

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Street Performers Hopefully, this will help. I only googled this one, but especially during the summer, it seems like they are everywhere. My son loves them, we spend most of our time watching the different performers.

NC is a great place to live and visit. There is a little bit of everything, you just need a map and sometimes word-of-mouth, to find the best places.

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Raleigh has a few museums. I haven’t been in a while but I remember them being pretty good. I happen to know there is a flight school in Louisburg, just north of Raleigh.
The airport is called Triangle North Executive. It has a flight school and they offer “fun” flights to people that might want to learn to fly or just want to take a cool flight around the countryside.
There is also a train that runs from Raleigh to Charlotte. It runs back and forth daily. Neither end stops in the best neighborhood but it gives a beautiful look at the NC landscape. In reference to the question about street music, in Charlotte on pretty nights on the weekend I have seen street music the what is called NODA. It is the area around North Davidson Street in Charlotte. Very eclectic and a really neat. Lots of art around there too.

I haven’t been to Asheville much. My favorite trips to the mountain around here are to Cherokee. Gorgeous area and “gem mining”. Oh yeah, there a casino there too, if that floats your boat. Gem mining is pretty popular in these mountains.
When in Wilmington, go to the USS North Carolina. It’s an old battleship anchored in the harbor that you can tour. It really brings home what people went through in WWII.

Second the Wright brothers museum. Anywhere on the Outer Banks of NC is a unique area. There is an outdoor play about the Lost Colony on Roanoke.I don’t know if it’s open yet this year.Every 60 miles( I think it’s 60 miles, maybe 30) there is a light house in the NC coast. The Cape Hatteras light house will be open to climbing soon. Bodie lighthouse is closed.(Funding ran out for remodel).
Can you tell I like living in NC:)
When’s the trip?

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It could start as soon as Friday (next Tuesday at the latest) and ends around April 15th. I have friends in those three cities, so I’m going to see them and see as much as I can fit in!

I’m also planning to take the greyhound around since I can’t find an easier option. Know of any secrets for transportation?

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Sorry, no public transportation tips. Greyhound is probably your best bet. Amtrak won’t get you to your friends places in Wilmington or Asheville. Let me know if you end up near Charlotte. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a live accordion performance.
PS Also,second the trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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