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Why does the East Bunny hide eggs? Why not an Easter Chicken?

Asked by judochop (16114points) April 18th, 2008

I just don’t get it.

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I tried to edit this question….EASTER, not EAST…You know that though.

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Here’s one theory:

but think about, why would a chcken color her own eggs and then give them away?

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I think because tge chicken was to tired after laying the egg that I think symbolizes life. Then he asked his friend the bunny who could easily hoo around and drop off the eggs

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Because chickens only have wings and not paws to color, transport and hide the eggs.

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The Chicken hadn’t crossed the road yet….

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Because the pope is actually a rabbit.

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So disappointed that you corrected the East Bunny. I was going to draw
useful distinctions between her and the West Bunny. You probably don’t need
me to now… darn.

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