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Cool T-shirt saying or band name. "IT'S NEVER TO LATE TO GET PAID" Got any others?

Asked by alamo (516points) March 30th, 2011

A customer just replied to an email from me with this answer. It tickled me for some reason. With a misplaced letter or two, its could be dirty. What’s some more cool ones?

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Do you care about the misspelling?

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Well, on a T-shirt you might want to put “It’s never too late to get paid.”

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HA!!! Classic. has AWESOME shirts with sayings and stuff on them. I’m sure you will find something there. Enjoy.

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I broke my ankle and was on crutches (I am a middle aged woman) and I proudly wore a T-shirt that said “I perform my own stunts.” Even college-age boys were giving me thumbs up!

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A flutherer (who shall remain nameless) sent me this t-shirt. I love it and so do many of the people I see on Main Street,

“I am the Grammarian about whom your mother warned you.”

I wear it with proud.

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@gailcalled. Love the shirt.
I ask respectfully, thinking I must be wrong. Should the last sentence be ” I wear it with pride”?:)

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of course you are correct. That is a prime example of why every serious writer needs an editor and critic (other than his mother).

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Whew. (Wipes brow) :)
I was a little hesitant to correct @gailcalled‘s grammar, but sometimes i just have to “poke the tiger”:)

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@alamo: Wade in whenever you feel the need. The odd thing is that I never noticed nor did any other reader.

Is this a grammar mistake or one that is so blatantly awful that it is either usage or daydreaming?

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