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What should I do about this internet explorer pop up box?

Asked by marialisa (464points) March 30th, 2011

When I go to start and go to internet, I click it on and the Internet properties box pops up. It doesnt go to the internet. Does anyone know why?

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It’s possible that IE forgot how to get on and needs a little guidance to be able to run “properly” again. I put “properly” in quotes as IE rarely runs right even in the best of times though. It’s also possible that IE is running as-designed, which means it will misbehave like this for no good reason. That behavior was actually part of why I looked for alternatives, like Mozilla (before there was Firefox) and Opera. Or it might be as simple as a bad shortcut on the Start menu.

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How do I fix a bad short cut?

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Personally, I would just make a new one.

Go to My Computer and open up your hard drive. Under either Program Files -> Internet Explorer or Program Files (x86) -> Internet Explorer and you should find an icon for iexplore. From there you can drag that icon to your Start menu and it should create a new shortcut on your Start menu.

However, I would it to a spot right next to the Start menu to create a one-click button for my browser (and did the same with a few other programs I use often) to avoid the time and hassle of even digging through the Start menu. That is a matter of personal preference though; feel free to put it on the Start menu if you want.

Or, if you install a new browser the installer will create shortcuts on the Start menu and desktop while importing all of your bookmarks and stuff ;)

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I suggest you use another webbrowser like firefox… I use firefox, and never ever had troubles with it, runs just fine! You do have internet or? Because that is the first thing I would look at when i’m not having internet. (With 2 pc’s and xbox360 a laptop the DVD-speler and some internet hubs connected to the internet, I would then check if all the cables are plugged in correctly, some might get loose)

I personally don’t think it’s a shortcut, will be hard if you messed that up, since u didn’t even know where you could change the propertys from the shortcut, let alone make a whole new one. (Not that difficult for me though, but that is irrelevant information)

Tell us where your at with your Internet / IE! we will gladly solve the problem
BTW does the op up box tell you anything, please make a screenshot of it and upload it to a imagehosting (or make a picture of it with a camera go to another computer and then upload that picture)

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I think it would be good to add here that even if it gets fixed, IE will break again fairly quickly, and it’s nice to finally see someone else come in here and recommend Firefox.

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Or Chrome.

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