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ZiPhone / iPhone and iPod Touch Jailbreaking?

Asked by Cooldil17 (485points) April 18th, 2008

The site “” is obviously having some problems, when I go to download ZiPhone I hit the download button and it just redirects me to the main site again. I haven’t had any luck, is this the same for everyone else? And if you can get to the download site can you just e-mail the file/application to me? I would be willing to give you my e-mail. So yeah…

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I didn’t have much luck either but I would just suggest u wait until June. It will be worth it. I have had to many bad expieeiences with things like this on my iPhone.

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I just jailbroke my iPhone with ziphone tonight, and I didn’t have any problems with it. All I did was google ziphone and I clicked “new update” underneath where it said ziphone on the results.

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ziphone was cool and easy but my utube was not working very well,and it was the latest version finally i did a ipodtouchmaster jailbreak and works flawless. Do a youtube search. Good luck,hope that helps.

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why wait until June? What happens then?

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in June the app store will be rolled out. Chances are a lot of the apps you’d get by jailbreaking, you’ll be able to get through the store.

Better than possibly “bricking” your phone

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it will cost money?

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don’t do it it screws up ur ifhone completely

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It’s almost impossible to brick your iPhone because of a little thing called recovery mode.

I have my iPhone unlocked and on T-Mobile. I used ZiPhone 2.5 and had similar issues downloading it. If you are on a Mac, use Firefox and it will work. I know from experience.

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The App Store will support shareware and freeware apps, as well as commercial ones. There are some concerns in the OSS community about whether open source apps would be “compatible” with the App Store’s license, but from a technical standpoint, there’s nothing stopping any free apps from using the Store.

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@theloveprophet couldn’t agree more. get the latest download of ziphone for your operating system and unlock, jailbreak, and activate your phone in 5 minutes. My mother can do it and has done it for her friends. Could not possibly get easier. Although, maybe the next ziphone will be voice activated. One can hope.

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Ziphone’s great. It works. If people “brick their phones/pods” it’s probably because they started “deleting useless stuff to save space”.

The only thing pre-installed on your iPods/Phones I could recommend to delete for space are all of the default wallpapers/backgrounds, but even then I think it’s a minor amount like 20mb or so. There are two partitions on the flash drive, 1’s for system crap and “hidden files” (default ringtones, wallpapers, etc) and the other’s a mass storage partition for music, videos etc.

There are ways to roll back your pod/phone back to factory default in case you screw it up… just google a little bit, it’s a button press combo between home/lock buttons :)

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