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Was this a fluke? Will it bite me on the rear at a later date?

Asked by cak (15836points) March 31st, 2011

I went to renew my license today. Yes, the dreaded Driver’s License. It’s the day before it’s due and I’m still in a walking boot due to a re-injured tendon. The kind DMV lady took time to figure out how to do this without penalizing me for being injured and also to keep me from incurring any fines for going past my birthday. (Basically, I have 90 days to prove I can walk and use my foot to drive. If not, I will need a medical waiver.)

I was in and out of the DMV in less than 15 minutes. No worries, on strife. No grumpy DMV workers. In fact, I left with a smile on my face and she wished me a happy early birthday.

This will come back to haunt me, won’t it?!?

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Possibly as 99% of DMV visits are horrible experiences.

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@erichw1504 – It really was way too easy. I’ll be prepared for the worst when I return.

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@cak Dearest heart, you are so entitled to have life smile on you a little bit after all that you have been through. You deserve it! Enjoy.

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Yeah, that just used up massive amounts of good karma. According to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, getting a kind DMV clerk is on the same karmic level as getting adopted by Brangelina.

Time to recharge those karmic batteries, girl, or you risk rebirth in Tajikistan.

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NO! It won’t. Absolutely not. The karmic scales are tipping so heavily in your favor right now that I would be seriously surprised if these things didn’t happen for you. Be glad, and realize that good parking spaces are also in your future… ;-)

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Sometimes nice things happen to nice people.:)

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Thank you all, I was convinced I should be preparing my tinfoil hat for my return trip!

@thorninmud : Amazing, you even referenced the Tibetan Book of the Dead…and Brangelina!

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@cak Kharma is figured on a monthly basis and summarized after the month closes. Prepare for a totally sucky April.

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@Adirondackwannabe: No way! I turn 40. That can’t totally suck.

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@cak I didn’t know it was going to be your birthday. Have a happy one. Plus birthdays trump bad kharma everytime.

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Happy birthday, @cak. You had this one coming!

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Happy Birthday :D
The trip to the DMV is a milestone karmic belch in your favor..

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Happy birthday! You only get good things happening to you this year.

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Turn around and look up. You were blessed by an angel and all will be okay.

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It’s not you I’m worried about. The DMV lady is probably in a lot of trouble for being nice. I’m sure she broke many rules by being nice, helpful and understanding. I bet when you go back she’s been transfered.
Happy Birthday.

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@john65pennington thank you!

@alamo: I made sure I got a print out of what transpired! There is no way I’m letting this one go!

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