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How do you usually look on your photo ID cards?

Asked by erichw1504 (26404points) March 31st, 2011

Almost everyone has at least one photo ID card on them. Could be your driver’s license, workplace ID, high school or college ID, etc…

How do you usually look in them? Do you always smile? Do they always look nothing like you? Are they generally horrible or embarrassing? What do other people say about them? Do you like getting your picture taken for ID cards? How many do you have?

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Pretty funny!
I actually got asked to make the same face in my driver’s license photo for identification purposes! XD and so I did

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@lucillelucillelucille And what kind of a face was that? Your “oh-face”?

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The only one I have is my drivers license and some sort of watermark or seal always makes me look like I’ve had smallpox. Very attractive. At least I look like I’m happy to have survived.

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@erichw1504 More like crazy monkey face XD

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Mine all depends on my facial hair. I either look like a young child (no/little facial hair) or a serial killer (bearded) and the more I try to smile, the creepier I look as either one.

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I tend to take terrible pictures. Most of my ID looks horrible.

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Awful. Worse than regular photos.

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My work ID makes me look like a serial killer. I said that out loud at the security ID office, and everyone cracked up.

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Too cool for school…..which is convenient, since i’m no longer of school age.

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On my passport photo, I look mean, if nicely cleaned up. My state ID looks like a mugshot.

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On my passport, I accidentally looked at something just above the camera, so it looks like I’m staring up to heaven.

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@erichw1504 Remind me to get on a different plane from you. :-)

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My passports are usually pretty good, because I ask them to redo it if it sucks. I actually take time to do my hair and makeup when having my passport picture taken. I believe looking good through customs and immigration in person and on your passport can make the process go smoother.

My drivers license are kind of a not so great picture of what I really look like. Pretty much all of my other ID’s I would describe as that, but they do look like me.

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My passport is terrible! You’re not allowed to smile or wear glasses in Canadian passport photos, so I look like a complete wiener. I couldn’t really see the camera because it was too far away, and I was trying to keep my eyes open (I have a tendency to blink in photos) so I look like a deer in the headlights.

My drivers’ license pictures have always been pretty good, though.

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@Seelix “You’re not allowed to smile or wear glasses in Canadian passport photos”

Interesting! And why is that? Do you know?

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@erichw1504 – I’m really not sure what the reasoning is there. I had a great passport photo taken when I was 17, before they put the no smile rule into effect. The two photos I’ve had since then are terrible! My parents both wear glasses, too, and their passport photos are also awful. My dad’s eyes are naturally a little crossed (he wears glasses with prisms in to straighten them out) so he looks like a psycho in his photo.

@noelleptc – I really hope someone says that to me someday :)

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@Seelix Pretty sure we can’t smile on American passports either. I know some ID’s we can’t.

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@noelleptc – I hope that if it does happen, I’m travelling with my dad at the time. “Detain these people! They’ve stolen the passports of a wiener-looking girl and a cross-eyed man who looks like Steve Martin!”

@JLeslie – I’m trying to remember when that rule was put into effect for us. I’m pretty sure it was just after 9/11.

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Here are the passport photo requirements Go down to what passport photos look like. I am not sure when they started asking for a rather expressionless photo. I know green cards have required this for long before 9/11. I could look back at my old passport and see if I was smiling. It was probably issued about 14 years ago.

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@noelleptc Well, the photographer should have instructed you properly, and the post office should have caught the mistake, and the government should have bounced the photo and required another one. Are you over 18?

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I usually look great on my ID cards! I’m always smiling. I look so much better than when I try to take photos of myself.

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@noelleptc Nah, I would not worry about it. I just mean that it went through a lot of hands who were supposed to check who did not do their job. Incompetent. If you fit some terrorist profile, or your name was on the terrorist watch list I would get it changed, but obviously you don’t have that problem, you would know if it was. My brother-in-laws “name” was on the list, and he was hassled every time he went to the airport, even domestic flights, it was such a pain. I think he had something corrected, maybe birth dates or something. His last name is Cunningham, must be from the IRA days or something haha.

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@noelleptc When I went to Italy they didn’t even look at my passport, they saw the blue and waved me through. Unbelievable. My husband, on a Mexican passport at the time, had to answer a few questions, and I think he got a stamp.

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I never like my ID pictures, but I’ve been told I look good in them. I really hate my college ID picture, though. I didn’t know I was going to get the picture done so my hair is down, I’m wearing a jacket, I’m not wearing any makeup and I look about 15 years old. It sucks. :(

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Amusing apparently. People laugh when they look at my ID pictures.

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Dull and boring and embarassing. Very misleading to the real me. : D

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Like a southern trailer park queen with bad genes.

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The driver’s and work ID photos weren’t too bad, but maybe it is because both photographers said, “Uh…let’s take another shot.” The passport photo looks like one of a Hobbit.

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Fat. I dunno what happens in that little photo booth, but my picture always comes out looking like I gained 15lbs in my face. I have never taken a decent ID photo. My passport may be the worst.

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Somebody told me that ID pictures were supposed to be ugly. It made me feel better when I looked at mine.

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I look like I’m stoned on my health card haha.

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