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What do the lyrics of Bob Seger's Night Moves mean to you?

Asked by acebamboo77 (717points) April 18th, 2008

Hey so, I just want to know what everyone thinks of hte lyrics of night moves means, and if they were sent the song what conclusions they would draw!

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I always thought he was reminiscing about a love affair. Great song.

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IF someone sent me those lyrics I would get all steamy and hopeful.

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I agree with reminiscing about a love affair – maybe even his first – the one that happened the summer before his senior year of high school when he was determined to not go back to school a virgin and spent the whole summer discovering love. Oh wait – maybe that was me, not Bob Seeger

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okay but the question isnt would i…but SHOULD i?

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So you’re asking what to make of the fact that someone sent you these lyrics? Or are you sending them?

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I received them.

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Ahh, well, any lyrics sent, in my opinion, tend to carry a “I’m sweet on you” message with them. It sounds like someone has a very fond memory of something that happened between you and really wants you to know that.

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Bob Seeger could have been my biographer.

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