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What is shelf life of gin/vodka in large plastic bottles (not glass)? Again, had 8+ years. Thanks.

Asked by SweetPhillyStar (7points) March 31st, 2011

Thinking they may still be safe (heavy alcohol content) and taste alright? Wondering about the effect of the plastic container, does it leach into the liquid?

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I would think that if the alcohol didn’t eat through the plastic, it’s still good and potent.

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If the seal is still intact, they should be good.

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Know the best way to find out? Drink it.

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I expect you’ll get more evaporation with a plastic bottle than a glass one. I bet that bottle isn’t as full as it was when it was new. I suggest just tasting it. If the drink tastes “plasticky” then chuck it.

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Call a local liquor store and ask this question. They should have a correct answer for you.

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