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Can you expose yourself to your own E. coli bacteria?

Asked by kelly (1908points) May 25th, 2007
is one immune to your own e-coli bacteria, thinking of babies diapers and they wanting to put their hands in their mouths.
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Yes, you can. People frequently cycle through self-infection through all sorts of fluid/substance/surface contact.
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Related to topic, I get stys in eye frequently and now am washing and rinsing my eyelids w. baby shampoo (stingless)and a clean very warm washcloth 2x daily to prevent the strep from re-infecting. Also wash my hands w. hot water and soap alot.
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OTOH, think of all the people who bathe in and drink the water from the Ganges, for example, which is crawling with bacteria from human and animal wastes. The native population seems to have developed an immunity to what would leave a tourist doubled over in misery.

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