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I'm looking for an older band; who does this group sound like?

Asked by Jude (32134points) April 1st, 2011

I’ve heard that sound before.

REO Speedwagon? Who is it???

It’s driving me crazy,

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It sounds to me more like the Tommy Shaw side of Styx. Light voice that hits the high notes. A lot of keyboard to satisfy Dennis DeYoung. Reo and STYX have been considered twins seperated at birth by some, but listen to “If I Could Just Get Through This Night” or “Crystal Ball” by STYX and you may hear that, too.

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Okay, I had a listen and that’s not it.

I’m talking more the melody. Namely, “no one is ever going to love you more than I do…”

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It’s REO Speedwagon.

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It’s not REO Speedwagon. I was a big REO fan.That’s not their style.

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Huh. Boston?

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Nope. I was a big Boston fan as well.

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@Adirondackwannabe I have heard that sound before… Ugh.

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I still love this song.

I know that I’m not losing my mind. It’s a mystery, kids.

@Adirondack, how old are you? I don’t think that we’re far off in age. I’m 38.

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@Jude It’s familiar but I can’t place it.

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Totally just guessing…. =/
Also, that Band of Horses song breaks my heart every time. :(

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“Vocalist Bridwell has been likened to Jim James of My Morning Jacket,[2] early Neil Young, and Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips.[3]”


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The chorus reminds me of oREO Speedwagon, Air Supply, a wee bit of Toto.
Maybe a smidgen of Supertramp.

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Peter Frampton?

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I can’t fight the feeling you’re looking for REO’s I Can’t Fight this Feeling Anymore

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Electric Light Orchestra otherwise known as E.L.O.

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I’m a little confused. Your OP links to a youtube video who tells who it is. Band of Horses

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Ha. They sound like an older band, Mr. Sagan. :)

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They sure sound more like REO Speedwagon.

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