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How do you make sense of this dream?(see details)

Asked by Ladymia69 (6881points) April 1st, 2011

Last night I dreamed that I was staying a in a vacation home. At some point in the dream, all around me were these creatures that were a cross between a jelly-like worm and a slug, all of different colors and shapes, infiltrating the floors, rooms, and corners. I was trying really hard not to step on or come into contact with any of them, but somehow they kept attaching themselves to various parts of my body, like between my fingers and on my face. I remember thinking that they were like jellyfish, and the phrase “single-celled organisms” kept coming to mind in the dream. And at one point (this is horrifying), I remember feeling around down between my legs and finding a huge, green beaded tail of one of them sticking out of my butt, and, terrified, started pulling on it and pulling on it until I pulled out this five-feet-long, translucent green, huge, shit-covered jelly-worm, at which point I threw the detestable thing against a shower wall!

I awoke soon after that moment, and told my husband about it and his response was, “You’re on Fluther too much.”

Very funny, honey…but where the hell do these awful images come from in our unconscious?

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