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How much weight is on your bench press discluding the bar?

Asked by 12Oaks (4051points) April 1st, 2011

Just curious. Specify if you’re dude or chick if you please. Just trying to see where I match up.

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You’re strong… probably the strongest on Fluther.

Better? :P

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I use free weights and the heaviest I lift are 25 lb dumbells…so there!
I’m female :)

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oh yeah!

actually thats really lame haha

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I can bench my high school diploma. And the one from the University too.

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@math_nerd So, what, about a half a pound? I could bench a wad of tax-free money, worth way more than your two diplomas. Care to state what is on your bench press now?

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160 pounds :) I’m a lightweight.

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My wife has 28 Kilograms on our 11 pound bar right now. I like to do 3 sets of 10 reps of 41 kilo grams. That’s not much but I can also do 12 perfect pull-ups (or 30 cheater pull-ups But I only weigh 68 KG).

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I’ve got a 38 lb. bag of dog food in the back of my car right now. The first person to carry it into my house for me wins!

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You could make a relay race out of it. In my younger days, we’d have relay races with 50# bags of concrete. Just pick it up, run about 50 feet, put it down, run back, run back to the bag, rush it back, put down, and keep going. One who could do it the longest wins. First out had to lay on his back while somebody dropped the bags of cement on his stomach from about 3 feet up. Drop one, remove, drop next. Wish I were young again. Sigh…...

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I bench press the earth without a spotter….how do you feel now? I don’t have a bench so I improvise! ;)

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Over nine thousand picogram

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And yet, the dog food is still not in the house. C’mon, guys… Remember, I’m I fragile little flower, here…

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Back in the day ( 2–3 years ago) I maxed in the low 300’s.

Today I would probably max at 200ish.

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275 was my max a few years ago. Never hit 300. These days I’m probably maxing around 225–245. I’m not super strong, just in decent shape.

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What does “discluding” mean?

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315 for two (that’s with the 45 lb bar, sorry didn’t wanna do the math)

I can do 75 lb. dumbbells for set of 10.

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@Rarebear there are times when I lurve you…. :) To disclude is certainly different than the intended purpose here ;)

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@Rarebear Disclude

From Latin etymology.

verb (discludes, discluding, discluded)
(nonstandard) To disclose, make known.
(nonstandard) To exclude, not include; to remove from inclusion.—

Hoped this helped.

@SpatzieLover Thanks for the backup, but the purpose as intended was used properly. You’re a teacher, you should know basic English. Mayube it’s discluded from your syllabus.

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Maybe this will help as well

nonstandard – nonĀ·standĀ·ard –
1. not standard.
2. not conforming in pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, etc., to the usage characteristic of and considered acceptable by most educated native speakers; lacking in social prestige or regionally or socially limited in use: a nonstandard dialect; nonstandard English.

I believe the second definition would be the appropriate one in this case.


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I had a high school English teacher who said that Shakespeare made up about 10% of the words in his plays, and that made him a genius. I wrote a report on Shakespeare where 100% of the words were made up, thinking I’d be a 10 Xs smarter super genius than The Barf, Shakespeare. That arrogant teacher failed me. Wasn’t long after that I graduated myself from high school and went on the bigger and better things in life that a high school teacher could only imagine. Man, I regret notfinishing that class. Imagine going through life and never having read The Merchant of Venice. sigh…....

Almost forgot. Hey, @SpatzieLover, can’t help but notice you never actually answered the question. How is your weight training going? It’s a healthy hobby that costs nothing if you don’t want it to. Can’t beat that.

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Okay, I’m sure I’m totally missing something and it must be the fact that I’m old, but I don’t see what that has to do with bench pressing?

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And the dog food is still in the car.

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I have bench pressed up to 102 kilograms or 224.4 lbs. total including bar and plates on it. I am a Chinese lady who is 1.60 meters or 5’-3” tall, and I weigh about 57 to 59 kilograms or 125.4 to 129.8 pounds in near physique contest condition with quite low bodyfat or 64,5 to 67.5 kilograms or 142 to 148.5 pounds with an average level of bodyfat for ladies.

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