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Do you often find that drinking alcohol changes your demeanor?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23163points) April 1st, 2011

I know I’m a cranky person, I admit it openly. But when I drink alcohol, things don’t seem to bother me as much and I’m much more easygoing.

It’s strange because even when I’ve been drinking, I still know exactly who I am and that I’m bitchy, but it just doesn’t seem to matter.

Does alcohol also change your demeanor? Do you become a little more carefree? Do you become meaner? One of my family members is a very mean drunk. Do you lose all inhibitions? Or does it not really affect you at all?

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I like ‘nothing could piss me off right now’...em I’m definitely more care-free. And chattier.

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@lemming Hehe. I’m chattier too, but for whatever reason, things that normally bother me don’t bother me when I’ve had alcohol. Even my kids don’t get on my nerves one little bit, and that’s really saying something! I’d start drinking wine with every lunch to keep myself in this sort of euphoric mood, but than I’d become an alcoholic, and that would be bad! :(

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It usually depends on my surroundings and the amount of alcohol of course, but usually drinking puts me in a good mood until someone or something rubs me the wrong way. Then I think I’m the Irishman Mickey O’Neal.

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Alcohol makes me crazy.

Literally… but not to the extent that I’m dangerous. More crazy in a playful way.

For instance, I’ll start boxing my friends when I’m really drunk. I usually get my ass kicked, but it’s tons of fun. I guess you could say that alcohol destroys any semblance of seriousness I try and maintain. I dance a lot too.

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Drinking alcohol maintains my demeanor.

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Makes me happy, chatty, top of the world, and I love everyone. This last has caused me problems. I also think I can dance.

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What else is new lol? That’s like asking if PCP changes your demeanor. Yes, I’m a little more laid back when I take any substance.

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@faye Dance! Dance! Put it on Youtube!

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It really depends how I’m feeling before hand. It makes me really horny to start with, and really chatty. If I’m already not in a good mood though, it turns me into a guilt ridden sobbing mess.

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<——Right now, I’m drinking this. Yes. I am a little more flirtatious. And, I feel as though I dance better.

I really don’t, though.

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@Jude Ooooh nice. I had 3 glasses of wine about 45 minutes ago, while my sister in law was here. She’s coming back in a bit after her hubby does to work and we’re breaking out the Gentleman Jack. I doubt there will be any dancing though. ;)

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@Jude Come dance with me, then. We could become famous!

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Uh…yeah. That’s the point.

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I love everyone. I just want to hug and put my head on someone’s shoulder and be all snuggly. That is definitely not like sober me.

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@tinyfaery Well sort of, but not for everyone; it doesn’t affect some people. For my dad, my grandmother, and my friend’s wife, there is no change at all.

@ANef_is_Enuf Awwww, I want to see snuggly Neffie! Come party with us tonight!

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I become…er…excessively charming. In fact, I’m considering charming myself up right now!

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@JilltheTooth You’re always charming. Wait… haven’t we seen you tipsy on fluther brfore? LOL

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It’s a rare and marvelous occurrence. ;-)

lucillelucillelucille's avatar

I just get happier…or wilder :)

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Two drinks, or 4 beers, and I fall dead asleep. Comatose.

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I just don’t drink enough to know, anymore. I like a bit of wine or a good beer, here and there; however, I’m just not a big drinker. I did have a little vodka, last night. Evidently, it’s better than a sleeping pill, for me.

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@janbb meant to say “sir” but she’s slurring… ;-)

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You can’t shut me up if I’ve been drinking. I talk a lot, and loudly.

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I become talkative, and flirty.

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I get loopy. I will say some of the most randomly funny shit when im drunk that really wouldnt make much sense under any other condition.

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It does me.
So, I just drink the good shit now-PatrĂ³n Tequila, it’s worth every penny. If I am going to get a buzz it’s going to be a good one.

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Depends on the situation or the people involved. More than likely I will either end up singing show tunes or rearranging the furniture in the neighbors house.

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I get giggly, even more so than normal. Though I have been known to start singing and dancing. Though, I have also been told I become an angry drunk if somebody pisses me off.

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I become very passionate, which is good when I’m happy, not so much when I’m in a foul mood.

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When I drank it made me taller, handsome, witty, and attractive to all women or so I thought.

Drinking changed my demeanor to a great degree. It’s part of why I got sober.

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Alcohol obviously changes your demeanor. Or mine, I guess. Or everyone’s. It’s a depressant. It loosens your tensions, your inhibitions, and your mind.

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It never had this effect on me. I do talk a lot. When I drink alcohol I talk a lot too. I’m not aggressive and when I drink alcohol I don’t become aggressive. Last time I was completely drunk was 25 years ago, though. I got my limit and stick with it.

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Okay, so does anybody have some Excedrin? Oi vey.

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I just had a Rolling Rock. I feel niiiice. Not drunk, just loose. In a good mood. A little horny. If you give me two more, I will burp in front of people. I will laugh about it.

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I’m always happier, more relax, friendlier when drunk. I do have an uncle who cries all the time when drunk. We had a neighbor who when drunk goes out in the middle of the road and when the moon is up, he challenges the moon to get down and fight him. Go figure.

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he challenges the moon to get down and fight him

Sounds like something I’d do. It’s going to be just my luck that I curse the heavens one day while drunk, or challenge God to a boxing match and wind up like the goddamn flying dutchman or some shit.

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I want to drink Rolling Rocks and burp and laugh with auggie :D

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Time for some Killians. Fuck you, Moon. Your days are numbered, bitch.

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Anytime, blondie! :)

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Is it possible to still have a hangover two days later? UGH

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@WillWorkForChocolate Yes. Especially if you drank more than you are used to or tried new combinations of drink. I drank 5 shots of Tequila ( Patron, Cuervo etc. ) in between 5 bottles of beer. Two days I’m still hazy.

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I don’t change much at all actually, but there are two reasons for this. One, I’ve been drinking every single day for nearly two years, probably more than most of you can handle haha, and two, I drink on my own. So I really have no one to let me know if I’m all different and shit, other than my roommate. But I’m a drunk in my room, she’s a stoner in hers. We don’t communicate so much. Sometimes, but not that much.

Back when I didn’t have a drinking problem, I got all hyper, really talkative and silly, started making no sense, to eventually puke and pass out. (along with the famous ’‘I’m never drinking again’’ bit and not following through haha)

These days though, it’s not like that. My roommate sees me when I’m drunk yeah, and she’s pretty much the only person who can asses what I’m like when intoxicated. Besides slurring, loosing my balance a bit and being more emotional and open than I usually am, she says that whatever comes out of my mouth isn’t much different than when I’m not drunk. It’s just long winded, and comes out in different ways, but as far as she can tell, it’s all the same, really. While I may express myself more, whether it’s true or weather it’s bullshit but me thinking it’s true, nothing else really changes.
It’s hard to say though, because in my head it feels soooo different when I’m drunk. But I guess it doesn’t show very much. Also when I’m drinking I’m not a fan of physical activity (nor am I when sober but…) so no real chance of me being all violent, horny or hyper or nothing.)
Also I’m drunk right now lol, so for those of you who know me a bit, do I seem different, does my demeanor seem to differ? I guess online really isn’t the same thing though, might be hard to tell.
But nah I don’t change much, nor do my moods, I just get a bit more intense and retarded about stuff more then when sober. :D After all, alcohol pretty much just mutates what I usually am. To my understanding anyways.

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