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What was your first great musical experience?

Asked by mcbealer (10219points) April 18th, 2008 from iPhone

Was it discovery of an instrument… seeing a band live… discovering a new band or music genre? This is a question from a recent interview on NPR Fresh Air with Terry Gross featuring the band R.E.M.
I thought it would be interesting to discuss on fluther.

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Coming from a classical background in music, the early experiences learning musical instruments and singing in choirs are most notable in my memory. One early highlight was performing a soprano solo in a boys choir, during a Sunday church service in Notre Dâme Cathedral in Paris, France. There are simply no words I can use to adequately describe the awe and exhiliration of feeling and hearing your voice resonate in such a sacred and acoustically resonant space. This memory is like fine wine for me, as it gets better with age.

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the discovery of my fathers record collection did it for me. I was around six years old. I have
been a music fan ever since.

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Watching the Eurovision Song Contest and raiding my brother’s music collection.

Later, memorable experiences would be my first music festival and the first time seeing my favorite band (Bon Jovi) live.

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Mine started at a funeral when I was about 5 years old, of a dear great aunt. They played “Amazine Grace” and it stuck with me so that when I got home later, I sat down at my Moms piano and started to play it. Now, I do it on the Dobro, Pedal Steel, autoharp, mandolin, flattop guitar, lap steel, banjo, and anything else with strings on it. That was 60 some years ago and has taken me to a life-time of music and joy of being able to share my talent with others. To be on a stage and do a song that other people enjoy has been one of the biggest joys of my life. The other joy is to be able to teach others to play an instrument and then hear one of them do a song on a stage that I have taught them. Then I know I have made a mark on this world so that when I go some of me will always be here with the music I have given to someone else.

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learning how to play the clarinet in the 5th grade… Then piano, then guitar. I loved how my parents let me explore and supported every activity I got into.

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Tragically Hip concert, outdoors on a hill overlooking a lake, in a clearing surrounded by evergreens. As the night went on a wind storm started, and it carried the sound in the trees like it was part of nature. Then it started lightening and thundering in the distance and the effect it had with the sound of the music was the most incredible thing i have ever experienced in my entire life

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i remember my dad playing guitar and singing Buddy Holly songs when i was real little and thinking he was so cool.

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Thanks for all the replies thus far…

Mine was when I was about 13. Up until then my exposure to music was strictly classical piano and hearing the spanish music my Mom would play. I remember making friends who were into classic rock and discovering the music of The Doors. It was absolutely amazing, between the heavy piano riffs and the lyrics! I think I memorized every Doors lyric within 2 weeks :0)

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When I was about 15, I discovered Nirvana’s In Utero, right before Cobain died That did it for me. After I discovered there was music beyond adult contemporary (ironic for a 15 year old right?) and cheesy “Christian” rock, it was on. I learned how to play guitar, started writing songs, and delved into music of all kinds. During that process, I found good, hard Christian music that I could relate to and enjoy. There is more to tell, but it’s late and I must teach in the morning.

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this one time at band camp…

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My first concert at the age of thirteen in 1999 was Little Anthony & The Imperials with The Four Tops. I forced my mom to buy those tickets for me.

It was fucking rad.

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Listening to Bad Religion while going to Comfirmation classes when I was 13 was a cathartic experience for me… and I never went back to church

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When I was a kid (I’m 52 now) there was a stigma associated with black people listening to “white people’s music”. This was something that just wasn’t done among the people I grew up with.

My family moved to a predominantly white community when I entered the 6th grade and I was exposed to music I wouldn’t normally listen to. But when I was with my black friends, I could never admit to liking pop music.

It so happened that I was once invited to a house party in my grandmother’s neighborhood. Upon entering I heard music quite unlike the Motown my sister preferred or the R&B played on the radio. I moseyed on over to the record player to learn the source of this unusual music. This was my first exposure to Grand Funk Railroad, a three piece (at the time) rock ‘n roll band.

Who’da guessed I’d discover rock ‘n roll in the heart of a black neighborhood?

Been in love with rock ever since.

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First time I listened to Radiohead. The void in my life was now complete

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@PretentiousArtist Radiohead live are insane…seen them twice, and blown away both times

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