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What was the most memorable first thought you had waking up in the morning?

Asked by mazingerz88 (21933points) April 1st, 2011

I started thinking of something that always happens in our daily lives yet we never paid attention to. Maybe through Fluther we can detect a pattern of how human beings fire up their brains in the mornings. As to practical use aside from satisfying curiosity, who knows?

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I’m really out of it when I first wake up. My kids take turns waking me because I talk to them in my sleep and say all sorts of nonsensical stuff. They want to share in the hilarity. Some memorable lines:

This is an elephant-free zone.
Are you ready? Shazaam!
Pop! Pop! Pop!

And just last weekend, I sang wake up in the mornin’ feelin’ like P Diddy. Which, by the way, I hate.

I’m afraid I’m not terribly deep in the AM. ;)

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Elephant Moon Disaster.

I dont know…. I woke up with this random phrase stuck in my head one morning. I think it’d make a pretty bitchin band name personally.

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Oh man, my breath stinks.

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@uberbatman See why I need an elephant-free zone?

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omg, the baby’s coming, We gotta go. Does garbage pick up today? Who’s putting the garbage out?

(it was a holiday. MLK, Jr Day).

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HS!! No durt in my eyes!! AGAIN!! And I hug and kiss Mr. Coffee each morning in gratitude!! ;)

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“Holy fuck, I’m still alive.”

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“Oh, shit! INCOMING!”

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Oh shit what happened last night? Something bad because I just woke up in jail.

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She’s gone.

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I look at the ceiling to know where I’m at and then feel happy because I feel my love breathing beside me.

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I think about how much I have to pee and whether or not I might be able to go back to sleep anyway, usually not. When I worked day shofts, I’d have to make sure I wrote everything about my patients down because at 3:00 I wouldn’t remember what happened before 9 or 10. I did the work fine but no memory cells were awake yet. Working evening shifts suited my brain better.

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Gah I hate mornings. I don’t know yet, but I imagine it’s like a ghost that has to eternally live its death.
But when I wake up thinking I’m late and have to get my ass to school and then realize it’s Saturday, that’s pretty awesome.

But thoughts, yeah…I don’t have anything remarkable. Although once, and I have no idea why, as I do not recall what I was dreaming about…I woke up, and violently swung my arm and planted my nails in the mattress. That was fucking weird.

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@Symbeline it’s good no one was there beside you at the time! Otherwise death by nails!

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