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If somebody invented "fart vision" glasses, how much would you pay for them?

Asked by nocountry2 (3689points) April 18th, 2008 from iPhone
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I would pay $0.00

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@cheebdragon. You can’t get them for free. You can however ge a sense of humor for free.

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Do they help me see farts? What color are farts? If I knew this I might be able to give you an answer.

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Wow! I really hope that you just invented fart vision glasses and are trying to figure out how to market them.

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umm under 100$$0

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I probably wouldn’t buy them… I’d be scared of what I might see!

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fart vision ? Why would anyone wanna see poop gas? Smelling it is enough for me. And not all poop gas stinks. People fart all the time. If you were indoors, like in a restaraunt, there would be so much poop gas in there you probably wouldnt be able to see your food!

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ewwww @lightbringer gross but true…..

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my husband, brother and their friends would live them. They are all intheir thirties and still thinking farting is the greatest thing. The other night they were having a few beers by the chimnea outside , and they asked me to cone outside for a glass of wine. I was the only female. They kept farting and joking and laughing. I said what would you guys do if I lifted my leg and farted? They said it would be disgusting cuz girl farts stink the worst. I must say that I would never do that! What makes stinky farts so great in a group of guys? I an so thankful I am female, cuz we do not think farting is so funny.

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If they were simply glasses that you would wear to see farts then like $95 or something. But if the technology could be built into the lenses of any glasses i would pay about $50 more for any glasses. It would be much better that way because who wants to wear some ugly old pair of glasses.

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Two box tops and an SASE… =)

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It would be a sheet of clear film that you could cut out to fit and stick on your current glasses, and allow the user to see methane concentrations in like green or red…

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Since we are not shying away from difficult questions, how about a filter than could ID radon, lead in paint or pipes, natural gas leaks, mercuy in water, hormones in chicken, pesticides in streams, corn syrup in everything? When my septic system is acting up, the nose knows.

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@gailcalled: Heh. They do make the glasses that show the opposite—they’re called rose colored glasses… =)

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edit: filter *that could…

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@Judochop ~ It’s called spell check…... please use it.
I have a sense of humor, it’s just matured since the 3rd grade and no longer finds the humor in things like fart vision glasses.

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@cheeb: oh I stand corrected. It appears you do infact have a sense of humor. As for maturing much since 3rd grade… I don’t believe you. And guess what? I just farted! As for the spell check Mrs. English, I blame iPhone.
Ps: my dad can beat up your dad.

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I asked the question out of a general curiousity. If it’s not “serious” or “maturely humorous” enough for your tastes, move along you know? No need to waste your time looking down your nose.

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@ Judochop ~ Just for the record, I stopped maturing in the 8th grade : )
Why do you blame the iPhone? iPhone has auto spell check.
P.S. ~ My mom can beat up your dad!

@Nocountry2 ~ Well then I guess you should have added “Only answer this
question if you think farts are hilarious”
to your question! = )

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@judochop you go man!!!!!

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Well, why not? You could enter them in the Intel Science Contest or Westinghouse Science Contest and see how you stack up against other HS students. Grand prize is $100,000 for a college scholarship. One 17yr old girl won two years in a row =$200,000. I don’t think that either of her inventions were fart glasses, but I could be wrong. Supply & demand?

@judo; thanks for sharing.

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my life would be ruined,
no one would come near me.

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I’m still waiting for the ” I can see your panties ” glasses.

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AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA how come I never saw this question yet

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$2 worth of baked beans

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The Predator could see them I bet… what the hell vision did he have?

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