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How come my Apple TV isn't recognizing Home Sharing?

Asked by Allie (17536points) April 2nd, 2011

I just got a new Apple TV and I tried to set it up last night. I enabled home sharing on my computer and then used the same ID and password to enable it on the Apple TV, but it said there was an error (“couldn’t find my ID or wrong password”). It worked on my computer, so I’m pretty sure I’m using the right ID and password. It also wasn’t recognizing my wi-fi connection. I’m not quite sure how to troubleshoot this. (sad face) Suggestions?

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@Allie you’ll need to get the wi-fi connection sorted out first. It won’t recognize your id if it’s not on the same network, so you need to figure out why it’s not picking up your wi-fi.

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The range on the apple TV isn’t as good as your MBP. I know your connection is spotty in your room so that could be the problem. You could try moving closer to the router to check if that is the problem.

One other thing to try is to get a Ethernet cable. Connect the Apple TV to your MBP with it. Then in System Preferences—> Sharing turn on Internet Sharing and make it look like this.

I know that isn’t ideal but it should at least help me figure out where it is failing. I just went through the same thing. With the the Ethernet cable you will bypass the router. I’m thinking might be going on with the route, maybe the firewall. And did you ever install Little Snitch?

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Thanks for the awesome tip @gorillapaws! With that and some real time help from @math_nerd I figured it out. And GP was right, once I got the wi-fi issue sorted, everything else was a breeze.
@math_nerd Remind me what Little Snitch was again?

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@Allie : I think I deserve more credit. Sure, GP was right with the network being the problem. But I helped you solve the network problem. I demand a burrito and a back-rub.

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@math_nerd My pookie, you can have that anytime just for being you. X.

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@Allie happy to help out. I’m glad you got it working.

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