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What are some songs that make you want to scream?

Asked by ucme (47028points) April 2nd, 2011

Any awful song will do!

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you light up my life

omg that was painful to find and copy here!!!

SCREAMING and plugging my ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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James Blunt – You’re Beautiful (i refuse to add a youtube link…)

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Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. And any of Justin Bieber’s music. These things are constantly played in my house because of my sister :)

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anything by justin beiber I absolutely can’t stand him and I’m the only girl who can’t

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@Quinnk123 You’re not the only girl! :)

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Michael Bolton singing “When a Man Loves a Woman”. And I’m not forcing myself to listen to even a second of it to find a Youtube link, either.

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I apologize in advance…but you asked….


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haha, totally misread the question! Sorry! Self-edited

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This and most of her other songs.

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Yeah, those are some right stinkers, this was my reaction to all of the above.

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Rihanna’s Umbrella song. I would like to take that umbrella and…um, never mind. I just hate the song.

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@chyna running away from the UM-BER-ELLA ELLA-ELLA

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“The Final Countdown” by Europe and that “Oh Sherry” song by whathisface from Journey.
And for folks not saying what their link is, I ain’t bothering to find out.

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@blueiiznh Thanks, now it’s in my head. ~

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Anything by Fallout! At The Disco.

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Electric Six Dance Commander don’t ask

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Across the Field. Whenever that is played, a bunch of losers come out. Not sure why.

It’s a song by 10000 Maniacs.

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that stupid friday song!

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The Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. I hate that song with a passion.

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Ernest Tubb

I’m Walking The Floor Over You

I hate country music and this is my favorite country song to hate.

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Carameldansen. Makes me want to murder everything.

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