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Who is the old guy with the thin mustache that's doing the Capital One(r) ads now, Baby?

Asked by ETpro (34605points) April 2nd, 2011

I know I should know his name, but I can’t dredge it up. He previously appeared in Seinfeld and in Zoolander. I tried to find a YouTube clip of him, but all that came up was Viking ads. Can somebody help jog my memory?

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What character did hey play in Seinfeld?

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If it was uncle Leo, he is Len Lesser and he died on Feb.17.,,20466900,00.html

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I think it is Jerry Stiller.

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@answerjill nailed it. It’s totally Jerry Stiller who also happens to be Ben Stiller’s dad.

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Yep @answerjill It’s Jerry Stiller. Thank you ever so much GA!

@gailcalled Sorry to hear that Len Lesser (Uncle Leo) is gone.

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