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What is the most rewarding thing you've ever done?

Asked by yannick (985points) April 19th, 2008

Was thinking about this myself and thought I’d ask Fluther.

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Impossible to say!
Actually sitting here trying to decide what’s the most rewarding feeling I’ve had, but I honestly can’t put one above others.
I’ve had the joy of helping complete strangers that were lost or stuck….amazing feeling.
I’ve had the sense of accomplishment of landing a promotion, graduation, overcoming fears (CRT live adjustments for one!).....all fantastic.
I work in people management and every time I’m able to exceed an employees expectations it makes me feel great!
I’m a random gift-giver, I live far from many of my friends and all of my family and I like sending surprises from time to time and the reactions always make me feel fantastic.
....I could go on…

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When I decided that I was going to live for the people around me, and not myself, and finally got myself out of the hospital… that was probably it.

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Seems as though this comes across as a good question, but not one that many of us can answer…

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Could be because when we experience a rewarding moment, we take note of what brought it about and try to do it again and again, so it becomes hard to say which one was the best or most rewarding.

Or, it may need to be narrowed down a little, like: what’s your greatest personal accomplishment or what’s the best reaction you’ve had to a self-less act….(of course that will raise the question of there being such a thing as a self-less act if you relish in the reward of it…)

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I am proud of being a single mom and raising my son to be an independent young man, and not continuing the lagacy of abuse and dysfunction that destroyed his father and took a heavy toll on my own life.

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For myself- buying my macbook.

For someone else- I gave a friend a pair of $300 mp3 sunglasses because he needed them and would get more use out of them than I ever did.

Those are both the top two things that come to mind at the time because they are both very recent so I’m reaping the most rewards from them right now.

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the greatest thing I have ever done is have my daughter and stay home to raise her. Seeing the remarkable young woman she is becoming and knowing that I played even a small part in shaping and guiding her is a big reward for me. Also managing to stay married and happy to my husband for so many years is rewarding to me, especially considering how many of my friends and family are divorced.

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