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How many five question Flutheronians (bka Jellies) do you think there are?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) April 3rd, 2011

Looking around at my posse and those of others I see quite a few Flutheronians with less than 50pt, and many more under 250pt, and they have not been active in a long time. I wonder if they just stopped by to ask a particular question and once they got it they just drifted off, or maybe they answered a few other questions but they are not really around now? I wondered how many “five question Flutheronians” are there, those who ask about one to five questions then they are gone or inactive?

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128 One just left @everephebe!

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Quite a few… I was having a look around and noticed some jellies hadn’t logged in since 2008…

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Is this like a jellybean counting contest? What’s the prize?

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This reminds me…how can you see all the people who use Fluther? How would one even look for the answer to this question?

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Sometimes on Tuesdays, yes.

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What’s with this demonym “Flutheronian”? The name of this site isn’t “Flutheron” or “Flutheronia”. We’re “Flutherites”. :)

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Too many?

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I did the math.

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The answer is always 42

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