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Are you a morning person?

Asked by iCeskate (451points) April 19th, 2008 from iPhone

I am

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Yes!.......Gotta have my ‘get-ready-for-the-world’ time by myself every morning and I’m so much more productive before the day gets a chance to clutter my brain :)

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It’s 6:53AM here on a Saturday, so I guess so. I like getting stuff done in the morning vs. fighting off sleep to get it done in the evening.

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I’m a morning person, but not a midday person. I wake up at 5:00 AM and I dont feel tired at all, but when it gets to around 11:00 AM I am useless. That’s why I try to get as much done as fast as possible. By 1:00 PM my crash is over and I’m back.

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Its 4am here and I’m still up. So if you mean “are you still up in the mornings?” – Hell yes. I usually struggle to get up before noon, though, so if you mean waking up in the mornings – ah, no.

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I’m more of an evening person. Morning is like my warmup time, where I gather momentum, and from 2 or 3 pm onwards, I do stuff, but 9–11.30 pm is my top speed time slot.

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On weekdays I get up at 4:30 and I’m out of the house by 4:50. And consequently, in bed by 8:30pm. I feel like the oldest 22 year-old alive. Even on weekends when I don’t have to get up, I’ll be up before 7. It really is so much nicer to be out and about when very few people are, in the morning sun. I just have to remember that when i’m done coaching at 7:30am, not many people are up and I can’t call them…they get angry.

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Im with you row, my latest bedtime in the last week was 9:15.

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Not so much. I work nights so when I see the sun, it’s time for bed. Hmmmm, that could be why I’m so pasty white and burn easily during the summer at the beach.

Of course on the weekends, this works to my advantage at parties. =)

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@row4food what do you coach??

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I am definitely a morning person. It’s ten in the morning on Saturday. I have already been to the local organic farmers marke, came home, made breakfast for my family, made two vegetable tests for tonight…it’ card game night, cleaned the whole house….and now U am going to take a CPR refresher course. When that’s done, going to pick up my daughter’s best friend to spend the night and having nine people over for bar b que and cards. Wow..what a day! I get most of my work done early so I can play later! Have a great weekend!

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It’s hard for me to wake up but I love being awake early in the AM

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If by morning you mean 3 a.m. then yes I am a morning person.

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my wife and I are lucky if we go to bed by 3 am and wake up by 11 am haha it horrible

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I blame it on my gf but coffee does help me start it and get through it.

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For me, mornings suck. I’m forced to be awake, only because I have children. But, most of the time, I’d rather stay asleep. If I’m not fully rested (which I’m usually not), I can’t stand to even be talked to…but I just grin and bear it. By 10 or 11, I’m doing alright. That’s when I get a boost of energy and it continues throughout the day. By evening, I’m ready to go. I can stay up all hours of the night or head to bed early…either way mornings seem to stay the same for me. Never fun. :( I’m a night owl at heart!

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I get up at 615am MTWF for school (Th I sleep in til 10), but I’m usually never awake until around 10 or 11am. So.. I guess the answer is yes and no.
When I get up at 615 I have a hard time constructing sentences that make sense, or sometimes even saying the correct words. My family is used to me walking around like a zombie in the morning, and if they try talking to me I usually just grunt my responses (if I respond at all).

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I prefer not to wake up to an alarm.
I work in the evenings with my off times ranging from 8:30PM, earliest off, to 4:30AM.
However, I am able to function at any hour of the day.

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HECK NO!!!! I was born at night. I’m doing a study to see if people who were born at night have more trouble getting up then people who were born in the morning

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MDFNF: That would be really interesting. I’d never even thought about that before. You need to tell us your results when you’re done.

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Well so far my theory is correct.

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I was born at midday (or 12.30), but am annoyed if I sleep past 10AM.

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12:30 is in the morning that is why

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so, what’s your cut-off point?

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hmmm 1 to 1 30. I’m not saying it works for EVERYONE. but it works for a majority of people

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Not sure being born around lunch time has any impact on me wanting to be up as soon as it’s light outside….

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lol. I wish I was like you. I can’t get up in the mornings. It is sooooo hard! That’s why I did the afternoon kindergarden

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it’d be so much easier if I was good at going to bed at reasonable hour though…..I tend to stay up late and get up early…...except for weekends – that’s catching up time.

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hmmmm that’s werid. You go to bed late yet can still get up early? I go to bed late and then it’s REALLY hard for me to get up

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I find it hard to sleep when it’s light out, but I lose track of time in the evening…...I do well if I get 5–6 hours a night.

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I’m not a morning person but i have to, my kids go to school so early in the morning, after help them to be ready i return to my bed two extra hours, then i got up and work at home. I like to do my important things at nigth especially after 12, no rings, no mamma help me, no dinners, it’s all in peace so i can produce much more.

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