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What is the procedure to win a nobel prize?

Asked by golusinghania (34points) April 3rd, 2011

i always wonder how can a scientist win a nobel prize please answer my question

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Every year the Nobel Committee sends out nomination forms to scientists, usually who have done outstanding work in their particular subject. Then the Nobel Committee nominates potential winners from the applications and sends them to the prize-awarding institution, who vote for the laureate; it’s basically about majority vote. There can be up to three laureates/two works selected to each award.

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The scientists who are eligible, in addition to having original ideas and creative ways of proving their hypotheses, also do their own research.

After you have won the Nobel, then you can hire assistants or ask someone else.

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To get the Nobel Peace Prize you only need to be a liberal. Actually doing something to promote peace isn’t considered. Ronald Reagan forced the Soviet Union to colapse sooner by out spending them and wasn’t even considered because he was a conservative while President Hussein Urkel was given it on the come – on what the committee hoped he would do rather than what he did do because they hated the eviil conservative George Bush so much.

Did I do that?
—Steve Urkel

Did I do that?
—President Hussein Urkel

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@wolfen244 sweetie, GWB started 2 wars, opened the first concentration camp since the nazis’ shut up shop, authorised the use of torture, had foreign visits canceled for fear of being arrested for war crimes and refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol (the Nobel committee values attemptr to protect the enviroment as highly as those to reduce conflict with regards to the peace prize). What the fuck do you think he did to deserve being given a Nobel Peace Prize?

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2 wars sweetie? Did GWB bomb the Twin Towers sweetie honey? Oh and miss twinkle tits, Bush freed about 100M Iraqies. Who did Urkel free? The only thing Urkel freed up was your wallet by being Jimmy Carter II by giving us 25% inflation in only 2 years or haven’t you been to the gas pumps lately.

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Oh and sweetie, the Kyoto Protocol is a phony global warming…oh sorry I mean climate change pile of dung to destroy America’s sovereignty by commies like the Kenyan Kommie and nothing more.

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a) Do some groundbreaking amazing scientific research
b) Win the Nobel.

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let us think that i want to win a nobel prize but i am not a scientist so what can i do in this situation

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@golusinghania nobel prizes aren’t just handed out for science you could write a book.

@wolfen244 GWB didn’t bomb the two towers (the CIA did) neither did the Afghans or the Iraqi’s. Bush didn’t free 100M Iraqis he just changed who was oppressing them. As for the Kyoto thing the US produces as much CO2 as China despite being a fifth it’s size and not actuallay producing anything – at least China are kind enough to knock up a few iPads while they’re destroing the enviroment. Just becasue you happen to live in the US doesn’t give you the right to fuck up the world for anyone else.And as for the gas thing – I live in a country that pays much higher tax on fuel than the US and has been for the last 20 years but then I don’t feel the need to buy an 8 litre gas hog that only gets 5mpg and cab barely produce 100bhp.

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