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I am a Manager in Training-What's a better way of saying this?

Asked by isb3 (34points) April 19th, 2008

MIT isn’t an effective job title for my resume, does anyone have any ideas for adjustments?

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Trainee Manager? or you could try Junior Manager, Deputy Manager, Assistant Manager..
Although you really should go with whatever it says on your job description.

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Just don’t confuse Trainee Manager with Training Manager, the two are very different things. ;)

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They most certainly are….....I’m kinda fishing for Training Manager as my next title, but doing the training for it in college now :)

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It sounds fine. Just put the hyphens in: Manager-in-Training.

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maybe just state that you’ve had management training. That implies what you want without giving a time frame. You will most likely be asked the specific during the interview but it is better explained face-to-face. I want my resume to get me an interview, once my foot is in the door all the little things are easily explained. And please don’t mistake what I saying as advocating for lying on your resume.

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Management trainee.

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that’s a great way to say it @breed

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Manager-in-Training is easily the best.

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