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Does this dream of mine mean anything?

Asked by MilkyWay (13745points) April 3rd, 2011

I had a nightmare last night.
I dreamed I went to the hospital and had a lot of difficulty moving around because I have a broken ankle ( I have broken my ankle in reality too). In the dream I am waiting in the waiting room and it’s my turn to go, but my sister who was with me has dissapeared and so have my crutches, which without I cannot go. There is no one else there I can ask for help so I have to hop to the doctor’s room.
When I get there the doctor isn’t too happy to see me and rushes to get me out of there. Then suddenly the scene changes ( which often happens in my dreams) and I am in a very noisy place.
I am standing on a side of a very busy and dusty road with my 4 siblings and my mother. It looks like a third world country as there are no markings on the road and too much traffic and pollution. For some reason there is a rocky mound which we have to climb ( another strange feeling as we know we have to). I still have my Aircast on due to my broken ankle and we start climbing with difficulty.When we reach the the top we hear my dad calling us down again. So with difficulty we climb down again. Then the scens changes again and now I am back home. I am getting ready to go to school after 4 months due to my injury. The strange thing about this dream is that the things that are happening are not scary but the emotions and the atmostphere is. I feel very panicky and scared all throughout the dream, as if something awful is about to happen.I am late for school, when I get there all the teachers are unhelpful, my friends are unresponsive and I’ve either lost or forgotten many of my things. It maybe doesn’t sound so bad but when I was dreaming it it felt horrible. It’s made me feel really sad and down and I was just wondering if it all means anything.
Sorry this is so long and any help/opinions will be much appreciated.

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It could do if you want it to.

I don’t think dreams have any particular meaning. It is my understanding that dreaming is the remembered effect of your brain ‘filing’ away memories and thoughts that are moving from short to long term storage. So, there may be elements of the dreams that you could associate with past events but I don’t believe that the sleeping mind has any better access to future events that anything else does.

If you think that dreams are trying to tell you something then it is likely that you will modify your behaviour to increase the probability that the events you are expecting will come to pass, so that is the sense that I mean your dreams can have meaning if you want them to.

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Dreams either mean everything or nothing at all. Think about it but don’t let it take over your life.

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It sounds like you’re getting tired of being limited by what you can do because of your ankle, and feel like it’s never going to end. It’s probably because you have such a long recuperation time, and cannot imagine what the next step of the healing process will be like, and it’s causing you anxiety. What you describe is pretty consistent with stress dreams.

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You are feeling helpless and vulnerable because of your broken ankle and these feelings appear in your dream. You may be repressing these thoughts in real life and that is why they manifest themselves when you are sleeping.

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I think your are really feeling like people aren’t helpinging you and/or ignoring your needs. Because you were feeling horrible the entire dream, i bet that your scared whats gonna happen because of the “neglect” for lack of a better word

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I have experienced similar feelings in dreams and in real when I severed an Achilles tendon and had a cast from my toes to mid thigh.

I dreamed I was at an airport and couldn’t get to the gate because it was too far away, the plane was leaving, and I kept dragging my cast and the strap from my carry-on kept slipping off my shoulder.

The dream mirrored reallife except the bag and cast were heavier and the gate seemed miles way. I would wake up sweating and sore. I believe that some of the dream was a reaction to pain and coming to grips with the feelings of frustration, exertion and pain.

The good thing is the dreams have faded to more mundane types, even the good old flying dream. Unfortunately some of the pain remains but you learn to cope, I expect your ankle may remind you when it’s going to rain but it is only transient and you will be stonger for it.

My daughter broke her ankle and even had to have it pinned together, she’s fine not and very veryy active.

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Perhaps, MilkyWay, it means that you can’t actually go forward with something you either know about but are blind to see it or that it is actually something unknowing to you or anyone (hence the immobile broken ankle). The dirt road, or area, may be a stand in for it being ‘desolate’, like a desolate feeling your having. The rocky hill is rocky. Rocky. Your Dad is calling you and your family…down. Perhaps he is the one you need to talk with more about your dreams. Those “emotions and atmosphere” are clearly your own anxiety in your own reality.

Prognosis: Your full of anxiety over whether you should go back to school (if thats what it really is in your actual life) and you need to talk to your Dad more about this as he may hold some clues to your…dreams.

A Wryter’s Prescription: Maybe I’m wrong about everything. I don’t mean to offend you with any of this that I’ve given you here, if thats the case.. But if you are seriously having bad dreams, I meant you no harm. My hope is that one can ultimately feel better about my approaches in most of my comments. I’m aware I can be fool many times. But, Be Good, Milky Way. Dream well, and prosper.

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sounds like a dream of dependance then independance.
Dependant on others ( family) then being on your own.
Becomming independant somethimes is scary.
Being left on the is hard but with your family for support you can make it up or down in life. ( as in your dream).
We will always face good and bad things in life…but you can make it if you are strong
.( hense the crutch, meaning that you can function withour leaning on others too much etc)

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