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How far back do you go on Fluther?

Asked by wildflower (11180points) April 19th, 2008

When looking for Q’s to contribute to, do you have a cut-off point as to how old the Q should be? I know many Q’s are answered with links to older Q’s, but if you’re asking for opinions, suggestions and such, how do you know they will all be in the older Q?

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I’m on every day so I go through every single one until I come to one that I’ve already seen because at that point, I’m just passing over questions I already read.

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Ever go back and answer Q’s posted before you joined? Guess I haven’t been coming here that long and occasionally stumble upon Q’s from weeks or even months ago that I would’ve liked to debate, but it might be a bit late…...that debate’s done and dusted.

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If I see one when I’m searching or one comes up in related topics that looks interesting, I’ll take a look and possibly answer.

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That’s very concise…...not very elaborate…

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One method I always use is to check the tags. It helps that I have been here since the dawn of time and remember often when questions are repeated. I do find it curious that different people often use the same wording. Is there a secret cache somewhere of questions?

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I go pretty far back (at least, it seems that way to me), like page 5 or 6 to browse new ones because i don’t have the time to always be checking the new questions, and occasionally when i see something interesting in the siblings panel.

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I like to use the Siblings feature to the upper left. Where I find questions I missed and might like to participate in.

As long as the question is still relevant and not well covered with quality answers. Also if the question is opinion or multiple input related then it’s indefinite.

Questions like

I like to check other peoples profiles to see if they have any other great question. Also to get an idea where they may be coming from before answering a somewhat vague question.

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I am in total agreement w. Ironhiways. Some folks, sadly, are predictable and repetitive, . And the question usually gives a big BEWARE clue. For example, if farting is not on your list of interesting topics, leave the bldg.

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I have been to the begining. When I was bored in the past I went back and read all the questions. Early Flutherites didn’t ask as many questions per week as now due to the number of members.

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I just got two answers to a straightforward question I asked about a year ago…washing cashmere

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