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What is the craziest thing you ever did in high school?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) April 3rd, 2011

I was hanging out with a few friends that I met in high school last night. We sat around for hours talking about the crazy things we did with each other back then. For instance, I packed up and ran away to Canada one day in my sophomore year of high school. What did you guys do?

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Nothing really out of the ordinary. Acted like a naive teenager who thought he was immortal. Made a video with a 12 friends beating the crap out of each other with steel chairs and professional wrestling moves. Lots of blood and we did it on the balcony above the gym. Surprised they didn’t stop us. Of course the preppy kids thought we were stupid. That video was a hell of alot better than the crap they made for that class project.

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@Mikewlf337 Hahahaha, that definitely sounds like what my friends would do. I’m pretty sure the preppy kids will never be as exciting as you guys were!

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@KatetheGreat The teacher didn’t like it and gave me a C for it. He thought it was rediculous. My professional wrestling match was gold and the preppy kids all made talk shows. lol

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Set a bathroom garbage can on fire, almost catching the whole thing on fire. To set it, I used a paper I wrote entitled “Why the Bard Was Barf,” which said that I didn’t like Shakespeare and why, and the teacher gave me an F (despite doing the asssignment as assigned). I learned a valuable lesson that day, but not the one that pompous teacher tried to teach, as I still findThe Bard to be barf and Shakespeare one of the worst writers in history.

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Hit someone in the face with a whipped cream pie on talent night.

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I don’t think the statute of limitations is up on this yet.

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Poured petrol over my jeans and set my self on fire to demonstrate that it was the vapour that was burning not me…. explaining that to the psych people took forever

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I grew up in a very religious family in the South, going to a Baptist church. They believe in full body immersion when baptizing believers, so the baptistry was big and part of the front was glass so that the water was partially visible.

One Sunday, a good friend and I put a bunch of goldfish in it. They would swim by, and people started noticing and pointing during the service. The pastor thought there was something about him. He was afraid he’d left his fly open.

I was also active in acting and was hit in the face with a cream pie during a pep rally once. That was interesting. And fun.

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Well, I don’t know if I’d call most of my hijinks crazy as much as I’d call them dumb or stupid. I once mooned a trucker on the way back from a school trip. It was funny and everyone got a kick out of it until we pulled over at a gas station about five miles down the road and the trucker did too. Apparently, he wasn’t quite as amused by my bare ass as all of us kids were. I got five days in-school suspension and three swats for that one.

Another time, during golf season, it was raining so my friend and I decided that we’d just hit a few balls around in the gym since we were unsupervised. We almost took out the scoreboard a few times and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t maybe trying just a little to see if I could hit it… gently. Well, he worked in the office during one of his free classes and jokingly, our principal told him that he knew what he did which scared my friend and he spilled the beans about the whole deal. I got three swats for that one as well.

This older boy had a problem and wanted to fight me once but he didn’t want to get in trouble for it so I snuck out of class to meet him while he had P.E. in the old gym. I ended up boxing about half the guys from the senior P.E. class that day. One of my eyes was so swollen that I couldn’t see out of it for about a week. I also got two swats for sneaking out of class.

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The drinking age went down to 18 in Alberta. We were 16 almost 17 so we would skip school and go to the downtown bars and drink the afternoon away. My mom went to work at 1 so that was fine. I didn’t learn a lot of math 20 but did pass.

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Hanging from under a wooden train trestle as the train passed over. If you dropped then it was into a relatively calm part of a river.

That’s the craziest non dangerous/stupid thing I’m willing to share.

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I was just awful. I was babysitting up the street and called some friends, male and fmale, and told them where I was. They came over and got into the liquor cabinet. The kids’ father came down and told my mother. Luckily, no one asked me to babysit after that fiasco. (; all the other things I’m too embarrassed to discuss.

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I became infinitely more interesting in college, but I did do some good stuff in highschool.

The first thing that comes to mind is my 16th birthday party where I went streaking, ran from the cops, built a sand castle, hula danced, played tag with flaming styrofoam airplanes, and made 300 bucks… all in the same night.

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I just wasn’t a crazy high school person. My friends and I never skipped school, until Senior Skip Day. Even then, it was only half a day. My Econ AP teacher scheduled a test, just to keep us in class.

For that whooping half of day, we loaded up a friend’s car and went to Denny’s. Unfortunately, we went to the same Denny’s that half the office staff went to…just to catch skipping seniors.

Yep, big party monster.

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I just drank a lot and had a 22-year-old boyfriend when I was 17. I skipped class and still managed to pull off awesome grades. I cut off my waist-length black hair and bleached it platinum-blonde – and went as Billy Idol for Halloween. Nothing too crazy, though.

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I guess the statue of limitations has run out on this incident in high school.

My high school was very old, even when I went there. The water fountains never worked and flushing the commode was an art in itself.

Some of us guys got together and decided we were fed up with lousy plumbing in our school.

Science class was on the third floor and the art class was in the basement. Each floor had its own bathrooms for the girls and the boys. We decided that the only way to receive new plumbing was to destroy the old plumbing.

On a certain day and time, we met outside the girls restroom on the third floor. In our sweaty hands were cherry bombs and M80s. Back then, they were very powerful. We decided to use the girls restroom, in order to throw the suspicions off the guys. A handful of lit cherry bombs and M80s were flushed down three commodes. And then, we ran.

We knew what was about to happen. Within 15 seconds, the old plumbing pipes in the basement met their destiny. The pipes exploded and the girls ran screaming. Commode water was running everywhere.

We were never discovered and our school finally received new bathroom plumbing.

Sometimes you have to make a little noise in order to receive the attention you deserve.

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@john65pennington You’re officially the most badass man I know. You’re the Clint Eastwood of Fluther! Hahahaha.

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the craziest thing I probably did was challenge myself before graduating that I’ll have one of the prettiest girls in school as my girlfriend, even for just two weeks. I just wanted to prove to myself and show my friends how easy it would be even without prior experience, to get a girl to say yes. I surprised even myself when I pulled it off. Walking her home talking about things she enjoys, giving her sweet letters, chocolates, flowers…they all did the trick!
I ended up not wanting it to end but she did it anyway. I still have no clear recollection as to why. Or maybe I’m still in denial I don’t know. But I knew she broke my heart.

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@john65pennington, anarchist at heart! Love it!

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Craziest thing, or craziest person? Or would being with the crazy person be the craziest thing?

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