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Can a brain damaged person become a US citizen?

Asked by snowberry (21413points) April 3rd, 2011

I teach English as a second language. One of my students (age 27) is not mentally ill or disabled, but brain damaged. He lives with his immigrant parents (who are US citizens) in an apartment. He received a blow to the head at age 10, and has some huge learning disabilities. Learning English is a huge challenge for him, but he is learning, slowly. He has a factory job, and is hard working and honest, but I doubt he could learn enough to pass the US Citizenship test.

Is there any sort of legal provision for him to become a US citizen, or is there a way to allow him to become a permanent resident? Does anyone know of other options I can suggest to the family?

One obvious answer is to consult an immigration attorney, but I am trying to find out information for the family. No snarky comments, please.

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Read section II.E.3.

Hope this helps.

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… and paragraph F on the page following.

GA, @optimisticpessimist.

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@WasCy You too. I should have kept reading.

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Wow, this is extremely helpful. I will print this off for his family.

The more I think about it, he may never become proficient enough to speak English properly. Now the next question is how to get him documented as having a mental disability considering that he does not speak English. I think we’d have to find someone qualified to test him for cognitive problems who speaks his native language. This might be done, although the family might be required to travel a bit to find such a person.

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Unless he’s from some tremendously exotic or far-flung nation, language may not be as huge an obstacle as it appears.

Most medical facilities, if given adequate prior notice, have connections to find a translator to facilitate communication with their patients who don’t yet speak English fluently and the medical professional(s) doing the evaluation or testing.

Presumably there are also substantiating medical records regarding the injury when he was age 10?

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No medical records regarding the accident. Apparently he never received medical attention after the accident. But you folks have given me a great start.

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If his parents are US citizens, doesn’t that make him a citizen automatically?

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No. He came here as an adult.

Naturalized parents of children under a certain age (16 maybe?) can apply for their children to receive citizenship, and it’s a matter of paperwork.

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