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What's a theme or idea that the horror genre hasn't touched in movies yet?

Asked by Berserker (33404points) April 3rd, 2011

Horror is like Rule 34. Rule 34 is, if it exists, there’s porn about it on the internet. I find the horror genre to be similar. Horror of course will continue to treat its main elements such as monsters, murderers, evil forces, ghosts, zombies, whatever. But it often uses some subject or theme that has nothing to do with the primary elements that define horror.
Body modification, vehicles, fossils, food, war, the internet, addictions, you name it. Of course some themes that had nothing to do with horror before became prominent based on a movie’s success, like animals, toys or the medical field. I’m sure if Stephen King wanted to write a novel about all those single shoes you always find on the highway, he could. But still, it seems to me that horror borrows from so many different sources, that I’m wondering if there’s something it hasn’t touched yet. So what subject or theme hasn’t been made into a horror movie yet? (humour welcome)

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Horror of American politics

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Horror hasn’t touched Wall Street even though damaged done by greedy derivatives traders has been much worse than what a horde of zombies can ever wrought.

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Horror’s final frontier.

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A mutant batch of Slurpee recipe grows into a huge, consuming everything in it’s path, blob.

The only way it can be killed is to attack it with thousands of flaming straws and drive it into the sewers.

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Haven’t seen a horror movie based on the fashion industry or any segment of that business.
Victoria’s Bucket of Bloody Secrets anyone? Louis Vuitton Bag of Bones?
The Runway Shoe Massacre? Oops…yeah, they already did The Devil Wears Prada…

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@Coloma Noooooooooooo lol. XD Slurpees II; Brainfreeze XD

@mazingerz88 Victoria’s Bucket of Bloody Secrets; nice. :)

@atomicmonkey I’m not sure yet, but that’s probably already a horror movie in Japan. XD

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I can’t think of a Mohandas Gandhi themed horror anything, although now that I think of it I would be interested in how that would turn out.

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I’m pretty sure Snakes on Canes hasn’t been done yet.

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Tweeter ( think about it or shall say Tweet about it )

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A horror movie about a Rule 34-horror-movie movie. You’ve just been INCEPTION’D.

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How about hair that has a mind, an evil mind…I’ll let Stephen King or Dean Koontz tell the rest of this horror story.

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How about Stephen King writing it and Donald Trump as the victim? :-)

Having the Donald play the lead would keep the special effects costs low.

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@Joker94 LMAO, nice. XD

@AmWiser I’d read it. He’s the guy who wrote a horror story about an industrial clothes washing machine!

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@ETpro you almost made me spew my wine.XD

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I had a cat named syndrome, whenever he jumped up on the sofa i’d say “down syndrome!”
Err… about the mental health/well being of the domestic feline? Could be a surefire hit…

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How’s this…a horror movie based on a story of a failed karaoke singer with awful voice who never in her life sang a song people liked. She hangs herself with a microphone cable and now haunts the best karaoke singers in the land, singing close to their ears at night lyrics like “At first I was afraid I was petrified…” she would start out singing in a now sweet voice but when you start running around screaming or praying her voice changes into hard demonic tone belting out, “RR-I WILL-RR-SURVIVE-!I WILL-SURVIVE-RRGH!”

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