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If you were a dwarf, what would your name and title be?

Asked by Berserker (33475points) April 3rd, 2011

We’re talking about the typical Dungeon&Dragons fantasy dwarf here, like Gimli Son of Gloin from The Lord of the Rings.
For those unfamiliar with this popular fantasy figure which I assume is highly based from the stereotypical Viking in some few ways, dwarfs are short but sturdy beings, usually living underground. Traditionally speaking, you will recognize them for their long bushy beards and horned helmets. Female dwarves have super long hair and can cook better than anyone’s grandmother. They fight just as well as the males, and are often the ones to take care of the young dwarves’ schooling. Dwarves use heavy weaponry in battle, such as two handed swords, huge axes, maces, flails or hammers. They love big ass shields, too.
They’re tough as nails, they don’t like sunlight, but they love fire. They forge great weapons and armour, and are known to party it up constantly, singing folk songs while drinking booze that would knock out a horny bull. Dwarves and elves usually don’t get along. But dwarves aren’t just drinking weaponsmiths. They’re deeply rooted in their ancient history, they’re honour bound and while they always act like goofs, they are extremely wise. Artists, singers and craftsmen, dwarves are awesome.
So if that gives you a better idea, if you were a dwarf, what do you think your name and title would be, based on who you are for real? You know like, Bealorth Bouldersmash or Olga Sweetfiddle, only not so stereotypical.
For example, I would be Gigi Ironbraids, Scourge of the Walking Dead or Jizzfayce Buckdrainer.

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Thorin Oakenshield…

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Ishkabibble Babble…

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Marik Ivorytickler.

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Nairb Sivad, Gatekeeper of the Salt Stores.

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Professor Buckeye

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Brunor Battlehammer king of Mithral hall

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@talljasperman Hahaha cool. You know, back in my D&D days, I had a character named Brunor. He was a bariaur though.

Awesome names everyone. :)

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Akkita of the Ice Caps… yes.

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Shrooms Eye.

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I am Agok of the North, Son of Forgan the Destroyer!!!

This is actually my real name.

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LOL you guys are fucking awesome. :D

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Because… you know.

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Okay. Perhaps I’m not so equipped. But a boy can dream.

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Irminsul the lesser, fifth son of Alberich the Mutterer.

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ZZikuza Zagrava of the Firook Clan of AmberNorth, master maker of flame swords and fire shields!

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Rooey of the outback

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The name is Tiny Little and I’d get me a pygmy pony and retire in Montana as a Dental Floss Tycoon.

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You’re Kidding Right of the Sassy Comeback.

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Tripod, knight of the kickstand.

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Seelix Irontoes, Shieldmaiden of the Great White North.

P.S. – At first I thought this was about little people, and was enraged. Then I saw that it was you, and realized that it was okay :)

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@mazingerz88 Lol I can’t even pronounce three quarters of that. Good job. :D

@Seelix Thanks. :) And good name. The North is always awesome.

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@Symbeline Thanks! But this could be interesting though, let me try…a name for a powerful sexy female dwarf based on the profile names here…

Symbeline Seelix of the Ucme Dark Plains of the EastAriah, wielder of the DarlingRhadamantus Ax of Rooeytoo, keeper of Everephebe Mystical Stones of Kardamom!

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Gat dang man, that’s pretty good lol. Imagine having to engrave all that in stone. XD

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Jenny. that’s my name. :)

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Only….drinker of many spirits. Eliminator of Liquor. Bladder emptier, and cigarrette smoker. LMAO. ;)

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Eliminator of Liquor LMAO. I love that lol. XD

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