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If I turn on wireless tethering on my Android phone (while my phone is connected to Wifi) will my phone be sharing the Wifi network it is connected to?

Asked by Karandr (69points) April 4th, 2011

It’s a long story—I want to connect my Nintendo DS (which doesn’t support WPA) to a Wifi network, but I don’t want to turn off WPA on the home router.

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The wireless tethering should not effect anything with your WPA they are two separate networks in one location. You will get a list to choose from of available networks just choose the android wifi form your Nintendo.

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Ah, I think I must have confused you. I can’t connect my DS to the WPA-secured network because the DS only allows for WEP or non-secured network. As such, I want to use Wireless Tethering on my Android phone (which is connected to the WPA-secured network) to allow my DS to connect to the internet. However, I want to know if when tethering is activated, the data will be over my sim card’s 3G capabilities or the Wifi network. Sorry for the confusion.

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You should be able to tether using your phone regardless if you have a wifi network or not around. They would be 2 different networks one would have nothing to do with the other. Your android would work through your cell phone carriers online service. They would remain 2 separate entity’s.

I was at the apple store the other day and the were going to let a guy try out to see if he could tether using his cell phone in the store to one of the IPad2’s to see if it would work for him without buying an addional service plan for it. There are wireless hotspots available at the mall I was at and they did not affect this. I hope this addional info helps.

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Call your cell phone carrier, I thought the tether was only 3G ( or 4G ) to Wi-Fi not Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi.

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Sorry if I misunderstand or am oversimplifying your question, but I’m getting that you want to connect the DS through your phone provider’s network and not your home network and your phone connects to both. Is that correct?

The simple solution would be to go into your phone’s connection manager setting (on my phone it’s called “manage connections”) and temporarily disable any connections except for the mobile network. Then when you tether the DS to the phone, you know you are going through the carrier’s wifi.

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Nope. Wi-Fi tether disables the current Wi-Fi connection, and transmits your 3g/4g connection as wifi. But, you can either change to WEP (not as good, but usable) or, if you want to be really fancy, create a wireless bridge with a hidden SSID so no one finds it.

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