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How do I cover up an unwanted image on a mug? (see details)

Asked by weeveeship (4665points) April 4th, 2011

I received a mug the other day as a promotional item at a fair. The mug has an image (not a corporate logo, but something else that I would rather not go into detail here) that I do not like. The mug, however, seems nice and sturdy, and I don’t want it to go to waste.

My idea would be to simply cover up the nasty image (which is not very big). Since the image is on a mug, whatever I use to cover the image up would have to be waterproof. Also, I plan on taking the mug to public, so simply scratching out the image with a Sharpie does not seem like a desirable option to me.

I was thinking of using waterproof stickers? Would a waterproof sticker work here? If so, does anyone know where I can get waterproof stickers at a reasonable price?

Any additional information you could provide would be welcome.

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You can get pens designed to draw onto porcelain (and stay there)... could you get a set on Amazon and draw a new design over the offending image?...

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Well, the mug is white. The picture is in color. Would be hard to cover the picture except:

(A) With a Sharpie (just make a huge black spot there)
(B) With a waterproof sticker
(C) Some other way

I like B, but I don’t know how I would go about getting the sticker I need for that. Nor do I know if it would actually work (or if waterproof stickers are just a gimmick).

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Try decals that are designed for surfboards. if it can handle crashing around in the ocean, it can handle your dishwasher.

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Personally, I’d just give it away. Leave it in the office kitchen or something. I know that I always have a million mugs at home – way more than I need.

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Or give it to goodwill.

@seelix I have a thing for souvenir mugs, so I know EXACTLY what you mean.

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I have never owned a mug, like yours, that I would go to this much trouble for. Stickers will not stick in the dishwasher and ink pens will fade away, so why not just chuck it?

Goodwill has plenty of mugs.

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or break it and make a mosaic :)

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Another option would be to go to a Craft store such as Michaels.

They sell paints which, when dried adequately, can be used on glass or porcelain.

You could get a stencil of a design which you like or just do a very basic solid shape like a heart or star to cover up the logo.

They have instructions on the paint for whatever it takes to cure it to make it permanent and dishwasher safe.

Usually it involves baking it in your oven for a particular time and temp.

These paints come in all colors and are usually opaque enough to cover just about anything. You can get as fancy or basic as you’d care to.

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Here ya go. The cheapest and easiest is the Porcelaine 150 paint. You don’t need an entire kit. Individual bottles of paint are around $5.00 or less at craft stores.

It’s water soluble for easy cleanup and cures in a regular household oven.

I know it’s in French, but just look at the very top right hand side and click the “En” option to get the English language version.

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Where does one find surfboard decals for sale? And wouldn’t they be too big to fit on a mug? Just curious.

I guess they might be available where surfboards are sold, but I’m in the middle of the country (MI) so I have no idea where I could buy either surfboards or their decals :)

I’m sure I’d have no problem if I lived in Cali or Hawaii,

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I understand how you feel and your reluctance to specify what’s on the mug.

One Trump mug is more than enough for this universe!

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The mug has a special design that allows me to carry coffee without spilling it (all my other mugs leak coffee from the top).

I like the idea of a surfboard sticker. Where can I get one?

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If that’s why you like it, get yourself a Contigo mug – I have two and I adore them! Mine came from Wholefoods and was about $10…

(Everyone I show them to in the UK is blown away by them – we just don’t really have anything like them over here.)

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Most of the stickers I’ve found are way too big for a mug. I’m pretty sure skate stickers are the same thing though. you could get one in any skate shop, and cut it down if it’s too big.

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Are you talking about stickers or decals?

Stickers on a ceramic mug wouldn’t make it through repeated trips thru the dishwasher.

And aren’t decals somewhat translucent rather than opaque? I’m assuming that surfboards and skateboards are usually a solid color which would be quite different from trying to completely cover over an image on a white mug?

Or am I missing something here?

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OK, to shed some light to the “image” I want to cover up. It is a two line message that I do not like because I find it rude and potentially offensive.

A surfboard decal that covers even a small area should be enough.

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Okay, so it’s a travel mug? You’d most likely be washing it by hand, then. Check out some vinyl bumper stickers. They last a long time – I’ve had stickers on my car for years, and they’ve survived Northern Ontario snow, rain and salt. There are tons of sites where you can find a ton of different kinds of stickers.

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Ah! Bumper stickers! I think that’ll work too.

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