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What unusual toppings do you put on your popcorn?

Asked by Foolaholic (5801points) April 4th, 2011

I was feeling like some variety last night, so I decided to put garlic powder on my popcorn. And it was delicious. So I was wondering if the collective has any interesting popcorn toppings that they could recommend.

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That’ll be vomit, me no like popcorn :¬(

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My father puts nutritional yeast on his. I like putting stevia extract powder on mine, or crushing dutch anise blocks and sprinkling the poweder over it.

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Salt, salt, and even more good old healthy salt. The heart needs salt to live and be strong, and popcorn is on of the better vehicles to send the pumper some good old salt. Salt is good on everything, but popcorn does get special mention honors for this one.

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I like to put parmesan on it.

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Seasoned salt! Yum.

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Dill pickle seasoning.

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Parmesan cheese, cayenne pepper, mixed with extra melted butter than poured over popcorn.

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i but black pepper on my popcorn

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Melted cheddar cheese. it’s messy but good.

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Bacon salt

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M&Ms and melted white chocolate. It’s to die for! But I can’t really eat it anymore since I’m going vegan :(

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Little bits of shredded seaweed mixed with sesame seeds.

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@KatetheGreat With salt and butter too, right? That sounds incredibly good.

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@marinelife Indeedy! It’s the best thing ever!

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Oregano, or dried chillies and cumin.

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I’ve put chocolate on my popcorn before. Just drizzle a bit of melted Hershey’s over it… or any chocolate for that matter. I didn’t think this was that uncommon, but then I posted about eating it for a snack on my Facebook and people seemed shocked. Anyway, I love it and now some of my friends who tried it do too. =]
I’ve also tried honey on it as well. I love it (since I’m a huge fan of honey), but most people I’ve made have it claim to not like it. I think they’re either delusional or plain liars.

Edit: Those of you who add M&Ms: You should put raisins in it too. It would be like a new spin on trail mix. I think I might try it.

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@erichw1504 and the clouds parted and sounds of joy came from the heavens when she read the words, “Bacon Salt.”

I love different kinds of cheese on my popcorn, with some dried Italian herbs.

Throw something spicy on there, too. I’ve mixed some Texas Pete, or Tabasco with some melted butter, to bring the heat. OH…jalapenos.

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Olive oil (drizzled like butter) and sea salt. Yummy :)

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This isn’t very unusual, but most people have not heard of it. There’s this stuff most large grocery stores carry called Cavender’s Greek Seasoning. And on popcorn it is the most fucking phenomenal thing IN THE WORLD. Along with a ton of butter, I can live on it.

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I usually add nothing but salt, but I am so going to try cayenne pepper next time.

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