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Are nonces or rapists more hated in prison?

Asked by HBLC (1points) April 4th, 2011

Looks like I’ll be going down for a ten stretch pretty soon so really would like to get this question sorted. I’ll sleep a lot more soundly if I get the answer I hope for.

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More hated by whom?
More hated compared to who?

I think other prisoners, thieves or burglars for example, do hate them, as a lot of non prisoners do too.
Or, in other words, a big majority of all people, and i think this is an understatement, are not fond of them.

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You will probably do okay in prison, as long as you had absolutely nothing to do with a child.

Even in prison, the inmates will tolerate just about anything, except a child molester.

Child molesters, in prison, should always have plenty of life insurance.

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Here in Italy they are. A lot more in fact, by guards and prisoners alike. There’s even a convention of some sort, that guards don’t prevent rapes as long as the victim is a nonce or a rapist.

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If you are a pedophile, which I understand is none is British slang for, you had better watch your back.

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@marinelife moreso, you mean.

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@Thammuz True. Prison is a dangerous place.

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@marinelife and pedos and rapists should watch their back as a default.

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I was recently watching a programme on prison life (a fly on the wall documentary type). One of the prison guards they interviewed said that anyone who had hurt a child or an old person was hated.

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try to go somewhere that has a pod just for people with type of charge. Or try to go where you don’t have to be in general population

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What is a nonce? Is it like a “nancy” or a “narc”? Sorry, that’s a new one for me.

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@Skaggfacemutt Nonce == Pedophile

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Treejumpers (pedophile, baby rapers) and arsonists (firebug) are usually the targets in prison. Nobody likes ‘em go figure.
So are rival gang members.
If you are not affiliated with some group (gang) then expect to be pressured into aligning with one. Very tough to remain neutral. Plus you might have to make your bones.
You can always “PC up” (Go into protective custody). Just slug a guard and you’ll get some alone time.
Question for you @HBLC; Where will you be doing your stretch?

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@boffin“make your bones”, what does that mean?

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My father works at a prison and has told me numerous times that if other inmates have knowledge that a certain inmate is a rapist/pedophile then they need to watch their back because the majority of inmates will attempt to hurt/kill them. I’m not sure how these inmates would find out what crime another inmate has been convicted of, though.

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According to one entry in the Urban Dictionary, the term nonce comes from an acronym used by prison staff. NONCE = Not On Normal Communal Exercise. If true, I guess that says it all.

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Generaly speaking…Most male prisoners don’t tollerate things that could be done to their Mama, or their little girl. As long as you don’t beat up old ladies or seek out dates at the playground. Your probably safe.

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@wilma…“make your bones”, Is having to prove yourself.
Taking on some other inmate or providing something to someone or some faction.

@tigerlilly2…not sure how these inmates would find out what crime…
There are no secrets in corrections.

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other inmates know cause they ask. Everyone has what’s called a ‘jacket’ and everyone wants to know what yours is. I’d punch the nurse right away during evaluation and so get put into protective custody if I were you. If where your’e going doesn’t put the s o’s into their own area- most of them do but not all

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